Fashion’s new force of models

May 25, 2014

Fashion’s new force of models

We’ve seen and said so much about the experienced, top models of Pakistan. But what of the new? Over the years many fresh, new faces have been unleashed upon the runways, mostly recruited by top choreographers (Frieha Altaf), modeling agencies (Catwalk and Nabila’s Zinc) and makeup artists – Ather Shahzad and Khawar Riaz have been forerunners of the model pool in Lahore while Nadir Feroz/Maha Burney and Rizwan ul Haq are responsible for creating glamazons in Karachi. Even television programs like the Veet Miss Supermodel hunt have helped in building the pool. Of course not every new model is a face that one remembers. Out of the many girls who make it to the big arena, some are just poor fillers in a cookie cutter production but then some have the potential to shine under the spot-lit runway as well as prove themselves in print. This is Instep’s selection of Pakistan’s fantastic four new fashion models…

Sadaf Kanwal

This 21 year old, big-eyed beauty is on every magazine cover these days. Sporting a killer bone structure, she’s a face every photographer loves to work with and it’s great that she works with everyone just as professionally, her most prominent campaigns being with Nadir Feroz, Guddu Shani and Rizwan ul Haq. Sadaf has the perfect balance between old world charm and contemporary beauty, making her versatile to work in almost all genres of fashion. She is just as outstanding on the runway, her presence is felt at all major fashion weeks and shows of the country. That goes to prove that she’s not only a gorgeous face but she has presence and oomph of a potential super model.

Sabeeka Imam

Instep did pinpoint Sabeeka as one of the prettiest new faces in fashion (back in March) and that Sabeeka is. She has been shining on the catwalk and it is impossible to make her look bad. But the runway isn’t what Sabeeka is most memorable for: those of you who have seen the Kangana Ranaut starrer, Queen, will remember Sabeeka as Roxy, the pole-dancer. Sabeeka does alternate between fashion and film, just as comfortably as she does between Lahore and London, her hometown. She has signed up with Ather Shahzad so that means she’ll be working exclusively with them when it comes to print, but we feel this firebrand will free herself and fly very high, very soon. We look forward to seeing more of her in fashion as well as Jalebi, her next film with Wiqar Ali Khan and Ali Safina.

 Amna Babar

Her guarded, intense gaze is almost a signature, whether Amna is pouting for a Sana Safinaz campaign (by Guddu Shani) or walking on a fashion week runway. They call her the chameleon, for her potential to change according to the brief, but we notice that she retains her attitude, which we admire. "She’s got one of those unusual faces that works for everything and looks stunning no matter what you do, from girl next door pretty, to sultry vamp, to quirky and offbeat, to crazy redhead – we keep challenging Amna with new characters to play and she rocks each one!" – Nadir Feroz and Maha Burney. While Nadir has done some of Amna’s most memorable campaigns (Bonanza), we love that she works with every one!

Kiran Malik

One of the lesser seen faces, Kiran Malik is a model who stands out on the runway, as she did in this gold dress for Deepak Perwani’s collection at fashion week in Lahore. Kiran travels between London, Dubai and Lahore, which is probably why we don’t see so much of her in print. And that isn’t such a bad thing because she’s apparently another one of those Ather Shahzad loyalists who don’t work with any other photographer. This could be the reason why her print work isn’t so memorable; working with one photographer does restrict your versatility, no matter how pretty that photographer can make you look! But that is a choice Kiran has made. Meanwhile, we’re happy that the same rule doesn’t apply to runway, where she rocks!

-- Aamna Haider Isani

Photography: Faisal Farooqui

@ Dragonfly

Fashion’s new force of models