"It felt great to dive back into work, because it helped me escape the negativity." - Annie

April 27, 2014

Her personal life might have generated more headlines than her career in the past, but Annie Khalid is now trying to make her way back into the spotlight for the right reason: her musical career. The singer is releasing a new song soon and is also working on a number of collaborations with various Pakistani and international artists. Instep caught up with Annie for a quick chat about what’s keeping her busy these days. Here’s what she revealed about her recent and upcoming releases:

Instep: After a tumultuous period in your personal life, you returned to the studio last year. Was it difficult to start working on music again?

Annie Khalid: No, it wasn’t difficult. It felt great to dive back into work, because it helped me escape from reality and the negativity surrounding me at the time.

Instep: How was the experience of working with Beenie Man and Rishi Rich on those two singles you released last year?

Annie: I had lots of fun, working with those two! Beenie Man is really fun-loving and his exuberance is infectious – it rubs off on everyone around him! He has everybody in fits of laughter in no time. I really connected with Rishi Rish on a mental level. I would love to work with him again.

Instep: Tell us about the new single you planning to release soon.

Annie: ‘Tharki Saala’ is a very non-serious song. It’s about guys who love to prey on girls. It’s just a fun song, not to be taken seriously.

Instep: This single will be followed by ‘Party Kar Lo’. How would you describe this song?

Annie: ‘Party Kar Lo’ is a party anthem all the way. It has some crazy beats and it’s the kind of song that keeps playing in your head from the very first listen. I am very excited about sharing the song with my fans.

Instep: ‘Party Kar Lo’ sees you collaborate with Ahsan Parvez Mehdi. What was it like working with him?

Annie: I’ve worked with Ahsan many times in the past, most recently in ‘Tharki Saala’. When we were recording this song, we were literally on the floor laughing; that’s how much fun we have when working together. Ahsan is a very cool guy and this is just the beginning with him.

Instep: The video for both song has been directed by Jalal, who also made the video for Nauman Khalid’s ‘Desi Thumka’. What can you tell us about the video and the process of making it?

Annie: Yes, Jalal is making the video. He has wanted to achieve a certain look in it, and we planned out the production weeks in advance. I trust his vision; we connect on a mental level, so I know he’ll produce something that I will like. I’ve had a blast, working with Jalal in the past. I love his work.

Instep: You have also recorded a single with singer Junaid Khan and are planning to shoot a video for this song too. What can you tell us about this collaboration?

Annie: Junaid and I have worked on a song, ‘Hoga Mujhsa Kahaan’, together. I absolutely love the track. Junaid and my vocals blend together really well. The song has a pop rock feel, which is more like Junaid’s style but I had a blast working on it nevertheless.

Instep: You have recorded songs with Jawad Ahmed and Abrar-ul-Haq. How did the chance to work with them come about?

Annie: Jawad Ahmed is a friend of the family’s. He’s been very supportive of me in Pakistan.  We recorded three songs together four years ago. I can’t wait for the day he releases them. Abrar is someone I adore and look up to a lot. People are going to be shocked by the song we have done together. The way we have experimented with Abrar’s sound and mine is absolutely brilliant.

Instep: Why is your focus currently on collaborations?

Annie: My focus is just on producing good music. Collaborations just come about and I go with the flow.

Instep: Do you have any live shows planned for Pakistan or abroad this year?

Annie: I am currently doing live shows in Pakistan, as we speak. I will also be touring abroad in the summers.

Instep: Are you working on any other projects – music, acting, modeling, or anything else – at the moment?

Annie: I am doing some modeling currently. I have just shot for Kuki Concepts’ lawn campaign and there are other projects in the pipeline. You will be seeing me acting soon too, but that is about all that I can say at this point. You will have to wait for more details.

Instep: What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Annie: More than anything, you’ll be seeing what my fans want from me, which is new releases.

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"It felt great to dive back into work, because it helped me escape the negativity." - Annie