The 'BESTS' and 'MOSTS' of fashion week

The 'BESTS' and 'MOSTS' of fashion week

Best Debut: Inaaya

Inaaya by Naushaba Brohi had impact, incorporating a rural craft and through the craft, projecting socially responsible fashion. Did it have the oomph essential to a fashion label: it did. And will it have retail presence: maybe not as widely as one can hope for, but it will.

PS: High street labels Sheep and Daaman also showed for the first time, both being welcome additions to the mushrooming ready to wear space in Pakistan.

Most Unforgettable: Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is one designer who knows how to catch the eye, whether it’s with crazy, zany costumery or orchestrated rural theatrics…this one’s got what it takes to draw attention and survive in fashion. This particular show was unforgettable for its use of bright colour and Bollywood music. After all, it isn’t everyday that you hear the words ‘spiritual’ and ‘Jumma Chumma’ in the same sentence.


Most Narcissistic: HSY HSY’s design aesthetic may not be everyone’s cuppa tea but no one can deny his net worth to fashion, multiplied by the charm of his self-indulgent persona. He’s probably the only designer who can multi-task to a T and get away with thanking himself in the credit roll. Add to that HSY prints, tiger face prints (as Sheru memorabilia) and his own face on Tapulicious bags and you have the height of narcissism. But as he loves to say, "Fashion is all about narcissism" and we’d have to agree! We wouldn’t have it any other way, Sheru!
Most Narcissistic: HSY
Most Beautiful Face: Sabeeka Imam She may have lost the Best Model at fashion week award to Fauzia Amir (does anyone have a clue to who voted) but Sabeeka Imam was unanimously the most talked about face at fashion week, and what a face it was! This gorgeous model comes from UK and made a runway debut at Pantene Bridal Couture Week. Also an actress, one feels she’s trying a hand at modeling and doing very well. Here’s to more of Sabeeka on runways to follow…
Most Beautiful Face: Sabeeka Imam
Best Styling: Nabila and her creative team It really is unfair to compare because Nabila’s work is miles ahead of anyone else in the industry. She controlled the hair and makeup on Day 3 and the models’ luminous faces and well-groomed hair spoke volumes on the expertise at hand. The added advantage of working with Nabila now is N-Gents, which covers grooming for male models. Rumour has it that Nabila will be handling hair and makeup all four days at the upcoming PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and that decision is a wise one.
Best Styling: Nabila and her creative team
Most Inspiring: The Rising Graduate Show

While student shows and collections are usually reminiscent of graduate thesis work, the Bank Alfalah Rising Graduate Show was truly impressive. Featuring four young designers – Sakina Lotia, Raabiya Iftikhar, Faiz Rohani and Abel Emmanuel – it showed the potential that fashion students have and should be encouraged for. Still awaiting results on the winning designer, one hopes to see more from these four in the future!


Most Welcome Comeback: Fayeza Ansari Personal issues that Fayeza bravely made public knowledge last year were soon forgotten as she made a strong and very welcome comeback at Fashion Pakistan Week. No long frail and fragile on the catwalk, Fayeza has re-emerged in a healthy avatar to the extent that she shared: "I can’t stop eating. Look at how much weight I’m putting on!" No Fayeza, you looked great!
Most Welcome Comeback: Fayeza Ansari

Photography by Tapu Javeri except
HSY for Tapulicious by Kashif Rashid and backstage images by Nadir Toosy.

The 'BESTS' and 'MOSTS' of fashion week