‘Murder, she solved!’

February 23, 2014

‘Murder, she solved!’
*ing Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, Geoffrey Arend Created by Christopher Murphey Tagline: Get away with murder? Over their dead bodies.
She has brains, she has style and she fights with everyone who questions her decisions because she is the best medical examiner in the business. Her name is Dr. Megan Hunt and Body of Proof was her show that was cancelled after three seasons last year in May, despite being popular among viewers. In November, it was confirmed that the series will not be coming back from the dead. In this crime solving series on ABC, Dana Delany was the star who, as a neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner, used her vast knowledge of medicine and human nature to solve crimes faster than the best detectives in town!

Where others see death, she sees murder!

Just like the famous TV show of the 70s Quincy M.E., Body of Proof revolved around Dr. Megan Hunt and her team’s cases that became interesting with the passage of time. What made her character more interesting was the background; her father committed suicide when she was young, her husband left her after she met a career-threatening accident that eventually resulted in her losing a patient (and her job as a neurosurgeon) and she has a rebellious attitude that gets her in trouble with the authorities, but always for the right reasons. With all her patients dead (she is the medical examiner, duh!), she tries to do good by finding out what really happened to them, and how!

When a woman delivers the lines "Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about me. The truth is much worse," she means business. Call Dr. Hunt cynical, but where others see suicide or normal death, she finds premeditated murder and more than often, she is right! She suspected her father’s suicidal death to be a conspiracy, which proved to be accurate at the end of the first season. To know more, you will have to watch the show, I am not going to narrate to you all the details!


What made Body of Proof special?

Body of Proof mainly benefitted from Dana Delany’s brilliant acting and Jeri Ryan’s strong portrayal as her boss, the Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murphy. Not only can the two be labeled as ‘one of the most beautiful’ TV actresses currently working, they shared a chemistry that none of the other actresses on the current TV circuit can boast of. When one was lying, the other just knew it; and when one was in trouble, the other had ways of finding out. At one point during the series, Dr. Fox’s former husband was dating her current boss and things became complicated but they were sorted out.


The comic relief provided by Dr. Ethan Gross (Geoffrey Arend) and Dr. Curtis Brumfield (Windell Middlebrooks) during the course of the three seasons is as good as it can get. They are different yet they bond well because they work under a woman who likes to do things, her way. And by the way, it came as a shock to me when I found out that Dana Delany was in fact over 55 years old when she agreed to do the role… she appeared so ‘smoking’ young!

The curse of ‘Mark Valley’!

In the first two seasons, Megan Hunt had Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop, her medico-legal investigator who was the perfect partner for her. He saw the ‘wrong’ in her ideas, always coming to her help whenever she was in trouble and that’s what got him into one at the end of the second season. First two season regulars John Carroll Lynch and Sonja Sohn – as Detectives Bud Morris and Samantha Baker – were replaced with Mark Valley as Tommy Sullivan (in the final season), and that proved to be a good step since ‘Tommy’ had a past with the leading lady, that pre-dated the series. A good twist, but not good enough, as whenever Mark Valley is involved in a series, it gets canned and Body of Proof followed the example of Harry’s Law and Human Target, which were cancelled despite being better TV shows!

Three seasons, limitless entertainment!

Body of Proof will be missed, not because it has been cancelled but because it was done so when it was popular. It was better than the long-lasting Crime Scene Investigation where things just happen, Rizzoli & Isles where women power can solve most difficult crimes and other TV shows that are carrying on despite being monotonous. It contained all the elements a good TV show needs – impressive acting, brilliant plots and intriguing back story – and all that is no more. Dana Delany deserves to be back because she can convince the audience that a ‘murder’ has been committed, this time of her own TV show, and she has the facts to prove it. Atta boy (or girl)!



‘Murder, she solved!’