Review: 55 Facts from 555!

January 19, 2014

Review: 55 Facts from 555!

A book that Wows you or your mates is always a welcome addition to your library. Les Scott’s 555 Football Facts To Wow Your Mates has 555 reasons for you to read it in one sitting and then challenge your friends’ knowledge about Football. With the World Cup happening this year, everyone will be gripped in Football Fever, so why not have the edge. We bring you 55 Wow Facts so that you know what you have been missing!

1.       Most common result in league football is 2-1.

2.       The Mexican Wave debuted during the 1986 World Cup that took place in… Mexico!

3. David Beckham’s middle names are Robert and Joseph, his maternal family is Jewish.

4. Liverpool legend Alan Hansen represented Scotland in 3 different sports at Under-18 level -- Squash, Volleyball and Golf. None of the three games was Football!

5. Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge has a Sunderland shirt buried deep below the centre spot!

6. The new Wembley has 2,000 toilets -- more than any other building in the world.

7. In 2001-02, Arsenal scored in every one of their Premiership games.

8. The fewest goals conceded by a team in a season are 15 and that record is held by Chelsea who did so in 2004-05.

9. From 1st January 2006 till the end of the season, Manchester United didn’t score at home.

10. England’s first goal against Scotland was scored by Fred Blackburn who played for Blackburn Rovers.

11. In 1892, Lincoln became the first club to add City to their name.

12. Stoke added City to its name in 1925.

13. In 1990, 39-year old Ian Bowyer and his 18-year-old son Gary played for Hereford United against Scunthorpe United.

14. Arsenal changed its name from Woolwich Arsenal in 1913.

15. Arsenal’s original name was Dial Square.

16. Manchester City was Ardwick before 1894.

17. Manchester United was known as Newton Heath till 1902.

18. Manchester City scored and conceded over 100 goals in 1957-58.

19. St. Johnstone is the only club in England and Scotland to have the letter ‘J’ in its name.

20. Penalty Kick was an idea by William McCrum in 1890.

21. Bobby Moore’s middle name is Chelsea!

22. Referee Mr J Thompson (Burbank) was once sent off by Scottish FA officials for wearing the same kit as the players.

23. Sheffield United and Chelsea’s Billy ‘Fatty’ Foulke is the largest goalkeeper to have played Football league. At one point in his career, he weighed 20 stone.

24. Albert Ironmonger is the tallest goalkeeper to play football league. The Notts County and Lincoln City goalie was six feet seven inches tall!

25. White footballs were introduced to English football in 1951!

26. Women Football Association was formed in 1969.

27. Arsenal won League and Cup double in 1970-71 under manager Bertie Mee who was a psychotherapist, not a footballer!

28. British actor Sean Bean supports Sheffield Shield.

29. Oscar winning actor Colin Firth is an Arsenal fan.

30. Sir Elton John’s favourite team is Watford.

31. Sir Richard Attenborough used to be on the board of Chelsea.

32. Sir Sean Connery (the first James Bond) refused to play for Manchester United and went on to have a distinguishing career in Hollywood!

33. German tennis player Boris Becker gave trials for Bayern Munich.

34. Hollywood actor Vinnie Jones was a hod carrier before becoming a footballer.

35. Former English cricketer Mike Gatting wanted to play for Arsenal.

36. Footballer Gary Linekar played cricket for Leicestershire Second XI, scored a century for them as well.

37. Britain’s greatest ever tennis player Fred Perry signed for Arsenal.

38. Professional football was legalised in England in 1885.

39. Substitutes were allowed in football league matches in 1965-66.

40. During the first World Cup, American trainer was taken off the ground on a stretcher after he had accidentally inhaled chloroform, meant for an injured player.

41. Arsenal’s Steve Morrow has the distinction of being the only player to get injured after a match at Wembley. He fell of the captain’s shoulder during celebrations.

42. Goalkeeper Chris Mann had a horrifying debut against Swindon Town. His team Port Vale lost the match 6-0.

43. In 2008-09, Manchester United’s Edwin Van der Sar spent 302 minutes without conceding a goal.

What they really meant?

1.       Competitive player -- Always committing fouls

2.       A very experienced player -- Very old player.

3.       Temperamental -- Nut case.

4.       Frank discussion -- Raging argument

5.       Very frank discussion -- Raging argument that ended with punches.

6.       He’s still learning -- He’s rubbish, he’s young, so there’s hope.

7.       One of the game’s few real characters -- He wears an earring!

8.       He did everything but put the ball in the net -- He can’t finish.

9.       I am happy with the squad I have got -- Not getting another penny to spend on players.

10. I don’t think we have seen the best of him yet -- When will he perform?

11.     There is more urgency to their play now -- They’re panicking like mad!

12. They have left themselves with a mountain to climb -- They are 4-0 down and haven’t had a shot at the goal yet!

So what if you knew some of the facts… there are 500 more waiting for you, if you get the book from your nearest bookstore. Use this trivia on those who say they know all about the game, and beat them at their own game!

Review: 55 Facts from 555!