Another loud Ambani pre-wedding bash

June 16, 2024

In Italy, the four-day celebration of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s engagement led to frustration among citizens of the European country, as cities, businesses, and even the movement of residents were brought to a standstill.

Another loud Ambani pre-wedding bash


or a second pre-wedding celebration for Mukesh Ambani’s son, Anant Ambani, who got engaged to Radhika Merchant, numerous Bollywood celebrities and prominent figures from India attended a lavish and ostentatious ceremony in Italy. The wedding is set to take place on July 12 but that hasn’t kept the Ambanis from celebrating loudly and proudly for some odd reason.

The first pre-wedding bash began in Mukesh Ambani’s hometown of Jamnagar in Gujrat where more than 100 million dollars were spent for a three-day ceremony and the whole affair also went viral. Rihanna also attended and won hearts as she posed for photos with security guards.

How the citizens of Jamnagar truly felt was not taken into consideration but the same cannot be said about Italian citizens who were most certainly irked by the whole thing. Why? Because residents and businesses were shut down in Portofino and Genoa for a pre-wedding bash for a billionaire’s son.

Many celebrities have tied the knot at Portofino but no one has asked the servers to not be a part of the ceremony and deliver the food before the actual event. They kept people up till 4:00 am but pretended they didn’t exist except for movie stars like Salman Khan, who did pose for photos whenever a fan found him and asked for a picture.

Since the Ambani family is always looking to outdo their last event, this time around, they began the ceremony from a four-day luxury cruise from Palermo to the south of France and back with stops in Rome, Portofino, Genoa and Cannes for a series of parties. One party was even meant to capture the spirit of the Italian summer by basically locking the residents inside.

Another loud Ambani pre-wedding bash

Apart from making Bollywood actors dance like puppets, or inviting international superstar Rihanna, for this pre-wedding bash, the Ambani family invited international stars Katy Perry and Backstreet Boys and while they did have a no-phone policy in place, videos did get out of the “Italian” summer. Andrea Bocelli, the legend himself, was hired to perform at the magnificent event along with his popular orchestra. We wonder what will happen on the actual wedding day? Will they shutdown India? No, that’s not possible. Maybe another European country and instead of 3 or 4 days, this time, the goal will be to shutting down a nation for an entire week.

As for the Indian elections, Mr. Mukesh Ambani was not only back but was at the swearing-in ceremony as was Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.

Another loud Ambani pre-wedding bash