Spotify announces REHMA as EQUAL Pakistan ambassador for May 2024

May 26, 2024

Sameen Khwaja was the EQUAL Pakistan ambassador for April and is a rising indie artist from Islamabad.

Spotify announces REHMA as EQUAL Pakistan ambassador for May 2024


artnering with music’s biggest property, Coke Studio, has not kept Spotify from its original promise of amplifying the sonic sounds of women musicians.

For April and May, Spotify selected Sameen Khwaja and REHMA, respectively, as EQUAL Pakistan ambassadors. This initiative highlights both established and aspiring female artists, recognizing their talent and contributions. Both musicians were shortlisted based on their work.

REHMA, May’s ambassador, will be prominently featured throughout the month on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist with her song, ‘Hypnotic’. This selection showcases the diversity and talent within Pakistan’s music scene, placing Pakistani artists on a global stage.

A Spotify press release describes “REHMA as a Los Angeles-based R&B and alternative pop artist, who has captivated listeners with her dreamy and reflective music for over eight years. Her major releases are predominantly in English or a mix of Urdu and English, creating a dedicated following with 66% being female listeners. Her top markets include the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.”

Expressing enthusiasm about adding REHMA to the program, Spotify’s Senior Editor for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh stated, “REHMA’s music embodies the spirit of exploration and authenticity that we value at Spotify. We first discovered REHMA through our Fresh Finds program in September 2023 as part of our efforts to highlight the Pakistani diaspora. We are thrilled to continue supporting her journey.”

Sameen Khwaja, April’s ambassador of EQUAL Pakistan, is no stranger to Pakistan’s thriving music scene. The rising indie pop artist from Islamabad embodies the country’s vibrant and evolving indie music landscape. A Spotify press release highlights, “Sameen’s track ‘Faithless’ was featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist throughout April. This song showcases her unique blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements. Sameen’s deeply personal and introspective songwriting resonates with audiences across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the United States, and Canada. Her ability to connect with a young and dynamic audience is evident, with 56% of her listeners falling within the 18-27 age range.”

Since launching in 2008, Spotify has become a leading music listening app, offering a vast audio library that includes podcasts, audiobooks, and more than 100 million tracks. The platform’s commitment to promoting diverse voices ensures that emerging artists like Sameen and REHMA gain recognition.

With over 6 million podcasts, 350,000 audiobooks, and access to over 100 million songs, Spotify boasts an impressive collection. As the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, it has 615 million active users, including 239 million subscribers across more than 180 markets.

Both Sameen and REHMA’s music is available on Spotify. This platform empowers women musicians to find audiences not just in Pakistan but across different continents. It highlights the abundance of talented voices often overshadowed by industry focus on a select few established artists who dominate award shows, concerts, and even Pakistan Super League anthems. By amplifying these diverse voices, Spotify is helping to create a more inclusive music scene.

Spotify announces REHMA as EQUAL Pakistan ambassador for May 2024