Kenta Shoji performs in Karachi

May 26, 2024

As part of a collaboration between the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) and the Pakistan Japan Cultural Association, Sindh (PJCA), the Japanese artist showcased his grit as a musician, performing in multiple languages including singing in Urdu.

Kenta Shoji performs in Karachi


ay has been a melodic whirlwind, overflowing with unexpected and fantastic musical moments. As a connoisseur of music, you couldn’t ask for more. The variety alone merits applause.

While Coke Studio 15 continues its journey by opening up the platform to newcomers in addition to its tradition of featuring established industry names (more on that later), there are others who are hosting events and welcoming international artists, allowing them to shine. A case in point is a concert held earlier this month featuring Japanese artist Kenta Shoji, a collaboration between the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) and the Pakistan Japan Cultural Association, Sindh (PJCA).

Kenta Shoji performs in Karachi

The audience at the event comprised members, students of NAPA, as well as select guests from both NAPA & PJCA.

Kenta, a genre-bending singer and songwriter, performs jazz, RnB, rock and pop compositions in English, Japanese, and even surprisingly, Urdu. He already had a following before coming to Pakistan, where he showcased his live musical talent at NAPA’s Zia Mohyeddin Theater.

The story began when prominent social media personality Junaid Akram shared Kenta Shoji’s work on his social media platforms. As a result, Kenta gained a large following of Pakistani fans on Instagram. Since then, the Japanese artist had been trying to visit Pakistan and perform for Pakistani audiences.

He finally managed to do so with the help of PJCA, which collaborated with NAPA. This event highlights the importance of cultural exchange and the universal language of music in bringing people together.

As the event, Kenta Shoji performed on a grand piano, and it quickly became evident that his singing and playing abilities were remarkable.

He captivated the audience with his incredible talent. The setlist was intelligent, featuring several western hits, some original compositions, and even Vital Signs classics like ‘Aitebar’, and ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’.

While Kenta Shoji deserves applause for his remarkable performance, credit also goes to NAPA’s Head of Music, Mr. Hamza Jafri, who curated the performance. The collaboration not only provided a platform for Kenta but also enriched the local music scene with his diverse repertoire.

At the end of the concert, NAPA CEO Mr. Junaid Zuberi presented Kenta with a shield as a token of appreciation and goodwill. Mr. Zuberi also thanked Mr. Azmat Ataka of the PJCA for facilitating Kenta’s performance at NAPA. This concert will be remembered as a significant milestone in fostering international musical collaborations.

Kenta Shoji performs in Karachi