All the highlights from London Design Week 2024

May 12, 2024

All the highlights from  London Design Week 2024


esign Centre Chelsea Harbour celebrated joyful colour, pattern, and creativity at London Design Week 2024. The Design Centre opened its doors to a bustling crowd eager to explore the latest in design excellence. With over 600 international brands showcasing their newest collections, the event was a melting pot of inspiration, offering a kaleidoscope of new patterns, palettes, and textures that set the tone for new high-end residential and commercial interior design trends.

There was abundant energy in the Design Centre, with the busy atmosphere seamlessly reflected in the dynamic and intricate aesthetics of the brand showrooms and stands, a wonderful synergy between environment and design expression.

This bustling vibe resonated with the diverse array of global brands, highlighting their role in supplying international projects and drawing inspiration from a myriad of cultures and design philosophies. The array of exhibitors not only showcased the latest trends but also offered a glimpse into the creative processes that fuel the industry, underlining the global influence and the eclectic inspirations that drive their designs.

London Design Week 2024 was a vibrant celebration of collaboration and championing brave and colourful design!

Here are 6 major highlights:

All the highlights from  London Design Week 2024

25 Years and 25 New Colours: Romo Linara


elebrating 25 years since its launch, Romo‘s Linara collection commemorates this milestone by introducing 25 exquisite new colours, further solidifying its status as an essential choice in the world of interior fabrics.

Widely acclaimed for its exceptional versatility and soft peach-skin finish, Linara offers an unparalleled colour spectrum, outstanding stock availability, and superior service, making it a perennial favourite among designers and homeowners alike. This collection’s enduring appeal is attributed to its continuous adaptation and growth alongside evolving interior trends, ensuring its relevance and desirability in any setting.

Linara’s practicality extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, as it is ideal for a variety of uses, from upholstery to draperies and accessories. It is washable at 30 degrees and available with a fire-retardant treatment, ensuring both beauty and functionality. With consistent stock levels maintained for every colour, Linara promises immediate availability, allowing designers and clients to realize their vision without delay.

Emily Mould, Director of Design & Excellence, said: “Since we launched Linara it’s been our best-selling plain, it’s incredibly practical and extremely versatile which makes it the perfect quality to offer in an abundance of colours. Colour plays such an important role in an interior scheme, we’re ever aware of how our colour choices can affect our mood and how they can change the ambience of a room, that along with its timeless appeal and versatility is why we continue to evolve the Linara palette. We want to be able to provide a beautiful spectrum of diverse colour so that our customers can find the perfect shade to create truly unique spaces that they enjoy coming home to every day.”

Personality and Versatility: GP&J Baker x Kit Kemp
Collection Launch


P & J Baker, in collaboration with the renowned Kit Kemp Design Studio, has unveiled the ‘GP & J Baker x Kit Kemp’ collection, a vibrant celebration of fabric and wallpaper that exquisitely marries intense colour, dynamic patterns, and the potential for creative layering within any space. This partnership represents the first exciting venture between the esteemed British fabric and wallpaper house GP & J Baker and the iconic designer, Kit Kemp, celebrated for her unique and colourful design sensibility.

This collaboration brings to life Kit’s signature eclectic and vibrant approach to design, seamlessly integrated with GP & J Baker’s renowned ability to translate artistic vision into practical, versatile designs suited for a myriad of applications, from residential to hospitality environments.

The beauty of this collection lies in its versatility; it can be specified to fit any designer’s own design approach, offering endless possibilities for customization and unique expression in a variety of spaces.

All the highlights from  London Design Week 2024

Making a Lasting Impression: Lincrusta and Morris & Co. Collaboration


essica Clayworth, Designer at Morris & Co., and Alison Keane, Head of Marketing & Sales at Lincrusta, introduced an eagerly awaited collaboration between Lincrusta and Morris & Co. This union, bringing together two brands whose partnership seemed destined to make a lasting impression on the world of design, perfectly aligns the strengths of each brand to complement and elevate the other’s legacy.

The collaboration unveils a collection that harmonizes Lincrusta’s embossing artistry with the timeless patterns of Morris & Co., founded by the influential designer William Morris. This range features three embossed wallcoverings, embodying Morris’s dedication to natural materials and craftsmanship, produced in Lincrusta’s Lancashire, England, facility. The collection draws historical ties to Morris’s exploration of embossed wallpaper techniques, notably in his 1886 Chrysanthemum Toile design, inspired by fashionable Japanese embossed wallpapers.

Included are two iconic Morris & Co. designs, ‘Acanthus’ and ‘Fruit’, alongside a novel Dado panel merging ‘Willow Boughs’ with ‘Diaper’. Lincrusta’s commitment to quality ensures these wallcoverings are suited for both residential and hospitality settings, blending exquisite design with functional durability.

All the highlights from  London Design Week 2024

Preview: Wow!house 2024


uring London Design Week, Design Insider had the privilege to witness the launch of WOW!house in a room teeming with the UK’s top interiors media. Set to run from Monday 4 June to Thursday 4 July 2024, WOW!house returns to the international design scene, poised to surpass its previous years’ successes and ignite a new wave of inspiration.

This event a remarkable assembly of international designers and decoration brands, offering a showcase of unparalleled talent in interior design. With 19 rooms designed by a blend of legendary names, international A-listers, and emerging talents, every space within WOW!house promises to be a source of fascination, sparking the imagination and appealing to the senses.

All the highlights from  London Design Week 2024

Unexpected and Sublime: Sanderson Launch with Giles Deacon


n a remarkable fusion of the unexpected and the sublime, Sanderson unveils a collection with Giles Deacon that is both theatrically grand and eccentrically sophisticated, offering a fresh narrative in classic elegance for fabric and wallpaper design.

London-based couturier and illustrator Giles Deacon, renowned for his eclectic mix of fashion, fine art, and theatrical flair, has collaborated with Sanderson to create a distinctive collection that interweaves commissioned artworks with new takes on classic jacquards and prints. Drawing from both his own studio and the rich archives of Sanderson, this collaboration results in a collection where traditional Sanderson designs are juxtaposed with lavish new creations, showcasing the collective prowess of Giles and Sanderson’s design teams.

Immersed in medieval and Greek mythological influences while celebrating Sanderson’s lasting charm, this assortment captivates the imagination, offering designs that pique curiosity and invite conversation. The collection revels in a blend of nostalgia and innovation, crafting interiors that are both timeless and fresh.

Echoing his couture background, Giles introduces unique stripes that nod to Sanderson’s heritage, alongside industrial touches and his iconic calligraphic ‘G’. This venture transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, presenting an array of prints, embroideries, velvets, and wallcoverings. It’s a creative journey that encourages exploration, enchanting with its fantastical elements and thoughtful approach to design and colour, designed to ignite inspiration and bring a touch of the surreal to everyday spaces.

All the highlights from  London Design Week 2024

World Inspiration: Osborne & Little Trend Showcase


sborne & Little’s Byzance fabrics and wallcoverings exemplified a global trend with a strong Indian influence. The collection, featuring both printed and embroidered fabrics, intertwines with Byzance Wallpapers to create a cohesive narrative. Each design, whether drawing from India’s intricate artistry or nature’s whimsy, weaves a tale of beauty and uniqueness. Together, the fabrics and wallpapers offer a versatile palette that captures global trends and Indian elegance, providing diverse options for those aiming to infuse their interiors with a worldly charm.

The designs Lodhi Velvet, Mayani, Foresta, and Shalimar evoke the lush beauty of Indian gardens and landscapes, each capturing a unique aspect of nature’s elegance. Lodhi Velvet illustrates an orangery amid ornate trees by a river, reflecting the seasonal transition in Lodhi Gardens, Delhi. Mayani showcases decorative birds on leafy branches, reminiscent of India’s vibrant bird sanctuaries. Foresta’s stylized Indian trees and Shalimar’s intertwining coconut palms both celebrate the rich foliage found in South Asia, with Shalimar drawing inspiration from the historic Mughal gardens.

In contrast, Samode, Taniska, Samrina, Chellah, and Lambani delve into the intricate patterns and vibrant embroidery reflective of India’s rich textile heritage. Samode’s paisley florals and Taniska’s contemporary tree-of-life design with paisley flowers highlight traditional motifs, while Samrina’s Susani-inspired stripes and Chellah’s Mughal-style floral trail pay homage to historical designs. Lambani’s lavish embroidery, named after the meticulous Lambani craft, showcases exotic plants on colourful stripes, embodying the opulence and intricacy of Indian embroidery art.

Complementing the rich narrative of fabrics and wallpapers, Byzance Trimmings introduces an additional layer of decorative artistry, perfectly aligning with the collection’s global and Indian-inspired themes. This assortment of five decorative braids and a captivating border adorned with oversized pom-poms is meticulously designed to enhance both the vibrant patterns and the elegant plains within the collection.

All the highlights from London Design Week 2024