An incredible journey in sporting and academic excellence

May 5, 2024

An incredible journey in sporting and academic excellence

Embarking on a journey through the remarkable life of Terry Andrade, one cannot help but be captivated by the indomitable spirit of a sportsman whose trajectory defied expectations and soared beyond boundaries. From humble beginnings at St Patrick’s School in Karachi to rubbing shoulders with the greats of Pakistan's field hockey, Andrade's narrative unfolds with a fervor that ignites the imagination.

Brimming with determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, his tale transcends mere athletic prowess, offering a compelling testament to the triumph of the human spirit against all odds. Let’s delve into the extraordinary odyssey of an extraordinary sportsman from Karachi whose journey in sporting and academic excellence is nothing short of incredible.

Terence (Terry) Andrade's journey through sports began during his early years at St. Patrick’s School in 1956. From the 4th or 5th grades onwards, his interest in track and field was noticed. He actively participated in various school sports meetings, shining in events such as sprinting, obstacle races, sack races, and long jumps. Concurrently, he explored cricket and did well as a batsman and wicketkeeper.

As Andrade progressed to the 8th grade, he ventured into field hockey, playing for his class team in inter-class tournaments and leading them to victory. Despite his promising interest in hockey, he continued participating in track and field events, consistently clinching gold medals in various categories at the Annual sports days of the school. Terry says, “Though I loved to play sports and spent time on the field, my dad and mom closely watched my academic progress.”

Transitioning to St. Patrick's College in 1966 for his Inter-Science studies, Andrade continued to shine in both academics and sports. He played for the college hockey team in intercollegiate matches against other top Karachi college teams. During this time, he forged lasting friendships with notable sports personalities like Wasim Bari, who later became a renowned cricketer and one of the world’s best wicketkeepers.

After graduating from St. Patrick’s College in August 1968, Andrade pursued a bachelor’s in electrical engineering at the NED Engineering College (now a university). He became a key member of the NED hockey team from 1968 to 1973, contributing to their victories in the Degree College Inter-Collegiate Championships. Notably, in 1970-1971, he was selected for the Karachi University Combined Team.

Players in the combined universities team were selected based on their outstanding performances from among the degree colleges and universities in Karachi. “Three other NED players in the combined team included center-forward Iqbal A.R. (captain), left-inside Asad Baig, and center-half Mushtaq Ahmad. The team participated in the All-Pakistan Inter-University Hockey Championship in Peshawar that year,” Andrade recalls.

During his tenure at NED, Andrade seized the opportunity to try out for the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) professional hockey team, one of the top five teams in Pakistan at the time. The other top teams included Pakistan International Airline (PIA), Pakistan Customs, Habib Bank Limited (HBL), and Pakistan Western Railways (PWR). Despite initially being a substitute, his brilliant performance in a national tournament led to him becoming a starting left winger for the KPT team, a testament to his skill and dedication.

An incredible journey in sporting and academic excellence

During an All-Pakistan Hockey Tournament in Khanpur, Terry Andrade, made good of an opportunity that came knocking at his reserves’ bench. Asked to play for Hyesons Sugar Mills due to their shortage of a left winger, Andrade propelled the team to the semi-finals with his stellar performance, including a crucial goal against Afghan Bahawalpur.

Despite ultimately losing to Habib Bank in the finals, Andrade's play caught the attention of influential hockey administrators like Habib-ur-Rahman, who lauded his skills to KPT Sports Director Zahid Siddiqui. This recognition earned Andrade a promotion to the starting left winger position for the KPT team, marking a significant milestone in his hockey career. With his speed and agility, Terry became a prolific goal scorer for KPT.

Andrade says, “Field Hockey is a team sport, my success as a goal scorer was due to the consistency of passes, I received on the left flank from the center players, and I give credit to left-half Mumtaz Anwar, left-in Saeed-u-Bari and the brilliant center-half Musheer Rabbani. These players were among the best and played at the national level.”

Andrade's sporting journey wasn't confined to hockey at the district and national level; he actively participated in St. Patrick’s Ex-Students Hockey Tournaments, where he consistently ranked among the top scorers. His prowess on the field was recognized by the community’s legendary players of that time like Tony Barboza, Carmen D’Souza, Leslie Vaz, Assisi D’Souza, Evarist D’Souza, Lenny Fernandes, and Victor D’Lima, each one of them potential Pakistan players.

His athletic talents, however, extended beyond hockey and cricket; Andrade also set records in track and field events. Notably, he clinched the Men’s 100-yard dash at the Annual St. Patrick’s Shamrock Festival in 1974 with a record time, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile athlete, and among the fastest runners in the city.

In 1973, after completing his bachelor’s degree, Andrade worked briefly in Karachi before deciding to pursue advanced degrees in the USA. He obtained his master's degree and commenced his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State University. Terry laments, “However, an enticing job offer from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in Silicon Valley prompted me to cut short my doctoral thesis and move to California in 1979.”

Despite his professional commitments, Andrade remained connected to his passion for hockey. He joined the Northern California (NorCal) Field Hockey Club, captaining the senior team and demonstrating his scoring prowess in various tournaments. His leadership and exemplary performance earned him accolades, including the highest goal scorer award in the annual Golden Gate Hockey Festival.

Andrade's dedication to sports also fostered enduring friendships as during his playing days in Karachi at the national level, his contemporaries included many hockey players who went on to represent Pakistan at the Olympics and World Cup tournaments. A reunion in Los Angeles at the 1984 Olympics with former players Islahuddin, Munawar-uz-Zaman and Samiullah, stalwarts of Pakistan hockey, highlighted the bonds forged through sports, on the playing fields of Karachi. Islahuddin and his family often visit California and spend some time with his Karachi friend Terry.

Today, Terry Andrade resides in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, with his family. While semi-retired from the semiconductor industry, he continues to be actively involved as an executive vice president at Alpha Numeric Group, recruiting senior-level executives for high-technology companies primarily in Silicon Valley.

An incredible journey in sporting and academic excellence