Town Talk

April 14, 2024

Events in Lahore this week

Town Talk

*Rafi Peer Puppet Festival 2024

When: Opens April 19. From 10am to 5pm.

Where: Dewan-i-Aam, Lahore Fort.

What is it about: A four-day festival which features puppet performances, storytelling sessions, mascot parades, puppet-making workshops, and more. This year, it’s been arranged for the first time at the majestic Lahore Fort.

*A Celestial Journey to Mental Wellness

When: April 20. From 7pm-9pm.

Where: Olomopolo Studio, 43-A, Block D, Muslim Town, Lahore.

What is it about: Conducted by Danial Asad Bukhari, a psychologist by profession, the event offers “an enlightening session… Through guided activities such as stargazing, mindfulness exercises and discussions on the interconnectedness of the cosmos and our inner selves, the participants can discover avenues for self-reflection, emotional healing and personal growth.”

*Androon Lahore Ride

When: Sunday (today). At 6am.

Where: Gathering point: SCH Liberty, Lahore.

What is it about: Organised by Critical Mass Lahore, the cycle ride promises an “awesome experience” of the interior city. Participants can rent a bike on the spot.

The ride will culminate with a hearty breakfast on the Food Street, inside the Walled City.

Ticket: Rs 1,000/- (inclusive of breakfast, mechanic help and transport)

Town Talk