So you think you know: Beyonce edition

April 7, 2024

Beyonce Knowles, also known as Queen Bey, is renowned as one of the most versatile artist of our generation. While familiarity with her chart-topping hits and controversies is one aspect, genuine fandom transcends her globally-renowned performances and her relationship with rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z. True appreciation lies in understanding her music. Therefore, let’s put your knowledge of Beyonce to the test. Do you truly know her as well as you believe?

So you think you know: Beyonce edition

1. From the following songs, which Beatles track did Beyonce use as a backing track for a song on her country music record, Cowboy Carter?

a) 'A Day in the Life'

b) ‘Yesterday’

c) 'Strawberry Fields

d) ‘Blackbird’

So you think you know: Beyonce edition

2. What is the significance of Act II in relation to Cowboy Carter?

a) Beyonce knew this record would be a huge hit, especially in the country music genre, topping charts and surpassing regular country artists when she released Cowboy Carter?

b) Is there a second country album in the pipeline, which she is teasing through ‘II’ ahead of time?

c) Because she’s Beyonce and she doesn’t need to give a reason

d) It is a sequel to Renaissance.

So you think you know: Beyonce edition

3. Which 1973 country song is covered on Carter Cowboy, with an altered song structure, updated lyrics, and once again feels like a reference to a woman looking to court Jay-Z?

a) ‘Jolene’

b) ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’

c) ‘16 Carriages’

d) ‘Mean’

So you think you know: Beyonce edition

4. What prompted Beyonce to make a country album?

a) The music of Willie Nelson

b) Feeling unwelcomed and challenging herself to go all out

c) Beyonce was too bored to make an original album

d) Because a radio station refused to play her music


1. d) For the cover version of ‘Blackbird’ from Cowboy Carter, Beyonce used instrumental elements from the original recording of the 1968 track ‘Blackbird’ from The White Album by The Beatles, with permission from Sir Paul McCartney.

2. d) II stands for the second album from the Beyonce trifecta. It began with Renaissance, and Cowboy Carter is a sequel to the electro-dance album. Her third album in this trifecta will feature Beyonce Knowles exploring another (as of yet unrevealed) genre to complete the trilogy.

3. a) The song is ‘Jolene’, originally released by Dolly Parton. The Beyonce version of ‘Jolene’ is not exactly like Parton’s original, as it serves as a not-so-veiled ‘don’t you dare’ reference to leave her man alone, fitting within the songwriting tradition of country music.

4. b) Without mentioning any names, Beyonce noted in an Instagram post that she felt unwelcomed before releasing this 27-track album in a particular setup. We believe the setup Beyonce is referring to is her performance at the 2016 Country Music Awards, where she performed with the Dixie Chicks, leading to a fierce criticism on social media for her presence at a country music event. Nonetheless, Beyonce seems to be having the last laugh, as many feel this album is a shoo-in for the Grammys next year.

So you think you know: Beyonce edition