So you think you know: Bollywood edition

March 31, 2024

Knowing which actor wore what at an award ceremony or who performed at the Filmfare Awards is one thing. But going beyond the surface and unearthing true stories in India’s current political climate is the real scoop. But can you remember them?

So you think you know: Bollywood edition

1. From the following female actors, which artist chose to stay at home before emerging as a solid actor years later because their partner was a bigger star?

a) Anuskha Sharma

b) Alia Bhatt

c) Deepika Padukone

d) Kirron Kher

So you think you know: Bollywood edition

3. From the following, which musician faced a fatwa for working on the soundtrack of an international film?

a) Wajid Ali

b) Ismail Darbar

c) A. R. Rahman

d) Sajid Ali

So you think you know: Bollywood edition

2. Which famous Hindi film writer openly declared that he would never write films in the present the way he did back in the ‘70s due to the current political climate in India?

a) Javed Akhtar

b) Salim Khan

c) Shyam Benegal

d) Gulshan Nanda

So you think you know: Bollywood edition

4. Which two Hindi film actors had a heated debate over the subject of item songs?

a) Sharmila Tigore and Anushka Sharma

b) Dimple Kapadia and Katrina Kaif

c) Kajol and Rani Mukherjee

d) Shabana Azmi and Priyanka Chopra


1. d) Kirron Kher, who wears many hats today including working as a theatre and film actor and as an Indian politician, has confessed in multiple interviews that she took a backseat as an actor and focused on family life while her husband and actor, Anupam Kher, a much bigger actor, continued to work in films. She only took on acting roles once her children had grown up.

2. a) Notable Hindi film writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar said that if he had written Sholay in present-day India, he would omit certain scenes because India is no longer as secular as it was when he wrote Sholay in 1975.

3. c) A. R. Rahman, who landed in hot water when a fatwa was issued against the Indian composer, singer and multi-instrumental artist, because he worked on the soundtrack of an Iranian film by Majid Majidi.

4. d) Shabana Azmi and Priyanka Chopra, with the former dismissing the idea of item songs as appalling and the latter noting that it depends on each actor and is a matter of personal choice. Chopra added that doing an item number doesn’t take away from their feminist ideals. 

So you think you know: Bollywood edition