Tuning in: fashion x pop

March 31, 2024

Tuning in: fashion x pop


ave we reached a point where listening to any podcasts is akin to the saturation of the mind? Well, it depends on what you’re tuning into.

Pick any subject, and you can find dozens of podcasts, many of which are reiterations of something we’ve heard before.

Tuning in: fashion x pop

However, there is a pop fashion podcast that is not your run-in-the-mill show. Each episode is well-researched, offering fashion insights that you most certainly haven’t heard before. From designers to trends to lifestyle, it provides a smorgasbord of material for anyone interested in learning about the fashion business, popular culture or international trends. This podcast has a trickle-down effect and often influences those who are serious about design and fashion in this part of the world. After all, clothes shape our identity, reflecting how traditional or experimental we are in our daily lives and on special occasions. Moreover, this particular podcast is informative, shedding light on whether the industry is heading in the right direction, offering perspectives we hadn’t considered before, and suggesting whether we should adopt certain rules that have a broader influence on the fashion culture. You don’t need to be a member of the fashion universe to find this podcast engaging; it also caters to listeners who are simply curious.

To that end, popfashionpodcast.com is a good place to start with. With hundreds of episodes released, you can begin your listening journey with any episode and decide whether this podcast resonates with you and if you’re willing to follow it regularly.

Hosted by Lisa Rowan and Kaarin Vembar, popfashionpodcast is among the longest running ones, covering everything pertaining to style, fashion, designers, and the pop culture industry, replete with fashion trends and how they’re evolving.

The hosts aren’t random individuals spouting their opinions about the industry either.

Kaarin Vembar holds a degree in journalism and works as a wardrobe stylist and an editor for a trade publication focusing on the retail business, while Lisa Rowan holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University, where she studied the challenges of reshoring American apparel manufacturing, and works as a consumer finance reporter at Forbes Advisor.

Jenna Lyons worked at J. Crew for about three decades. By the time she left, she was the creative director-president. Once upon a time, she was called the woman who dresses America.

Our introduction to this podcast began with an episode called The Haunted Mine Shaft Jeans, covering key themes such as fast fashion, reality TV and history, with a running time of 35 minutes.

During the episode, the hosts provide perspectives on fast fashion, reality television, the value and price of 100-year-old jeans, the resurgence of loafers, and the career moves of a seasoned designer, both good and bad.

Their perspective on each topic is intriguing . For instance, consider ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise; it might irk some of us, but who are they and how much do we really know about them?

Only after listening to the show, it is possible to hold Jenna Lyons, the New York City fashion designer, in high regard.

“Jenna Lyons is going to be a Real Housewife,” reveals Kaarin Vembar. “She is joining the cast of The Real Housewives of New York. If you don’t know Jenna Lyons, she was with J. Crew and worked at the company for about three decades. By the time she left, she was the creative director-president. Once upon a time, she was called ‘the woman who dresses America’ and I’m not kidding.”

Vembar continues: “This was said about Lyons because she was so influential. For years, she had so much say at the company, and also J. Crew was such a ubiquitous brand. It is still around and has a strong cachet. The J. Crew look had a significant influence on office dressing, with its preppy attire, and she was the driving force behind that until 2017 when their sales started declining. She left the company and pursued other ventures. She started an eyelash company and a had a show on HBO.

Lisa adds: “I have intense respect for the franchise,” while discussing the Real Housewives reality TV franchise. “I’m familiar with it, but I am not an avid viewer. But this is the first time I’ve thought, maybe I’ll watch it.”

Vembar adds: “See, that was a good business decision. They knew what they were doing. I don’t know if this was a good career move for her?”

Only by listening to the podcast, you’re able to put things into perspective, such as who Jenna Lyons is beyond being a reality TV star. We wholeheartedly endorse this podcast. In a sea of podcasts, this one offers news and contextualizes them in ways we couldn’t have done ourselves, making it one our favorite in the realm of style and fashion industry podcasts.

Tuning in: fashion x pop