A very Misha Lakhani Spring

February 18, 2024

The palettes are pretty, the silhouettes flow / Pretty Girl Spring is the way to go.

A very Misha Lakhani Spring


he one thing we must acknowledge about Misha Lakhani is the fact that she does what she does best, and she does it unapologetically. And while that probably sounds very badass and rock n’ roll, Lakhani is definitely on the pretty, pastel side of things when it comes to design.

One can easily imagine wearing a Misha Lakhani concoction to springtime brunch, an event one can only hope is also hosted by the designer, because in our heads she will only serve the airiest pastries and the most delicate cakes. And then, of course, a tour of Wonderland.

If you’re reading this and thinking someone’s been hitting the cough syrup again, hear us out.

Look at the palette of Misha Lakhani’s spring collection. Look at the materials used. Look at the line, look at the flow. We are obsessed with this palette. With the chiffons. With that absolutely incredible shade of violet. Now tell us, once you look closely at these clothes, don’t they put you in the mind of a beautiful garden party? Doesn’t the only word fit to describe them seem to be, ‘delectable’? And wouldn’t you just spend your entire spring in these outfits if you could?

A very Misha Lakhani Spring