“People tell me, ‘you are already wakhri; this role was meant for you.’”

January 7, 2024

Faryal Mehmood talks about Wakhri, and the magic needed to coast between film and TV.

“People tell me, ‘you are already wakhri; this role was meant for you.’”

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n the previous year, actress Faryal Mehmood marked her foray onto the silver screen with the film Chikkar. This year, she is set to take on the lead role in the film Wakhri, which draws inspiration from the life of Qandeel Baloch. Additionally, Faryal will grace the screen with a captivating song ‘Shendi’ in Yumna Zaidi’s upcoming film Nayab.

After taking a TV break post Raqeeb Se, which aired in 2021, Faryal Mehmood is back on the silver screen. In a recent interview on Geo Digital’s The Chat Box, she spilled the beans about her absence in the drama scene saying, “I checked out a few scripts, but nothing had that Raqeeb Se magic, I couldn’t say yes to some projects because of the schedule, [and] after doing dramas for almost 10 years I feel that my viewers should see a change in me.”

The Wakhri star expressed the special magic necessary for actors to navigate between the film and television industries, underlining the unique qualities that exceptional talents like Fahad Mustafa or Fawad Khan bring to the table.

“I truly think that when movie stars pop up on TV, it kind of shakes up their special vibe unless you are Fahad Mustafa, who’s just a champ at rocking both TV shows and selling those movie tickets, or Fawad Khan. When viewers are buying tickets just because it’s your name on them, keeping that one-of-a-kind charm intact is absolutely crucial.”

“People tell me, ‘you are already wakhri; this role was meant for you.’”

Discussing her role in the newly-released Wakhri, the star revealed a personal connection with her character. She humorously shared, “People who know about my film being named Wakhri often say, ‘you are already wakhri, so this role was meant for you.’ The character resonates with me on many levels, and that’s why I thoroughly enjoyed portraying it.”

In the midst of discussing dance sequences in Chikkar and Wakhri, along with a wedding song in Nayab, Faryal was probed about which film allowed her to dance with her whole heart. Responding candidly, she opened up, “I’ve had a love for dancing since my childhood, it’s a passion. However, I do have reservations about doing item numbers because our culture and people tend to be cautious about them. But let me tell you, if there’s a shift in public acceptance, you can bet on seeing more fantastic songs and, of course, dance numbers in the future. It’s all about finding that sweet spot with our audience.”

Wakhri inspired by the life of Qandeel Baloch has released nationwide.

“People tell me, ‘you are already wakhri; this role was meant for you.’”