The convention of conversation

December 3, 2023

Fahad Hussayn has had an interesting year, and he’s ready to speak about it the way he loves best: through fashion.

The convention of conversation


ahad Hussayn is a lot of things: he is dramatic, he is unapologetically intense, and he is methodical. When those qualities combine, and take form in his work, they translate into some of the most interesting pieces we see in Pakistani fashion, and into the manner in which Hussayn showcases the pieces when he chooses to.

The designer, whose aesthetic is so much his, that you can spot anything outfitted and styled by Fahad Hussayn, from red carpet look to music video. The man loves structure, and that approach isn’t just palpable in his designs, it is in the process that brings those designs forth too.

The convention of conversation

In December, Fahad Hussayn is ready with a new collection - or as he refers to it - conversation, called Collateral Convention, and the images that have been coming out of the design house in the last month or so are by turns beautiful and raw. Not every picture of a work in progress, even if it is art, has the power to move, but these images do.

The work, says Hussayn, is coming from personal places.

Collateral Convention starts with art couture,” the designer tells Instep. “That jacket that I wore to the LSAs two years ago was made out of leftovers from my shutdown. I had some more leftovers and I decided to turn them into an entire art couture series.”

The label had a showcase of the collection planned at the Italian embassy in early December.

“I’ve shot four images, all four of them belonging to different representations within my brand, from art couture section to Print Museum which hosts machine made things to Faction, which is my new baby, high-end streetwear,” he says.

“I wanted to reintroduce and reassert the four different brands that I run under one umbrella. Every image that we’ve shot is a conversation on its own. The first one, the art couture image [depicts] homelessness and how I lost my home. Work was my home and I address the destruction through this image.”

The convention of conversation

The second image, and though he doesn’t say it explicitly, could have been borne from the weird backlash the introductory shoots for Faction had received. Edgy and cool, Faction by Fahad Hussayn is by and large an androgynous line, and is shot so, which did not sit well with his wider audience.

“This second image is about social interrogation, and how I was trolled,” Hussayn says. The shift in the third image is rather sweet, if also a bit heartbreaking: “it is dedicated to the support system,” says Hussayn. “I’ve photographed myself and the models which include the photographer and the makeup artist, just to talk about how fashion has always been a sort of support system for everybody. Now we’re slowly drifting away from it, which is not very nice.”

The fourth image features Print Museum, wrapping up the set of images that Hussayn hopes to serve up as statements online, in a bid to start and steer conversation, or perhaps to say his piece. Either way, this is one conversation we are looking forward to. 

The convention of conversation