Faisal Kapadia collaborates with Zoha Zuberi

December 3, 2023

Many have tried to stay relevant, but Faisal Kapadia is doing it successfully by reinventing his musical identity and by collaborating with newer artists such as the sublime Zoha Zuberi.

Faisal Kapadia collaborates with Zoha Zuberi


fter a successful collaboration with Young Stunners for the song, ‘Phir Milenge’ as part of Coke Studio 14 (in 2022), Faisal Kapadia dropped an electro-pop solo single called ‘Jaadu’ this year to great success. It seemed like the first step to what could be his first solo record. But whether he does drop an album or continues to release singles is not the question at the moment.

This is the moment where Faisal Kapadia’s collaboration with another young artist, Zoha Zuberi, is the point of conversation and celebration. Many of us already know his voice. But this is the song where we pay as much attention to Zoha Zuberi, who is among the new wave of artists redefining the music scene.

An astonishing part about this song is that it is written by Zoha Zuberi and is unlike ‘Jaadu’ or even the 2022 hit, ‘Phir Milenge’ featuring Faisal Kapadia and Young Stunners.

It is a thoughtful song with the landscape of music submerged in electro-pop that is the complete opposite of what we might have been expecting. It is also not a song where the effort is to become a song that is guiding you to hit the dance floor.

Far more mellow and still staying within the vicinity of electronic’s sub-genre, ‘Hum Na Rahey’ is a victorious moment for Zoha Zuberi as soon as it begins.

The musical landscape, produced by Ali Allahditta, is met by a lyrical world that doesn’t channel exuberance but falls somewhere between reaching for old memories and dispatches from the cornerstone of an emotional universe. There is longing and loneliness, a silence that is so strong that doesn’t allow the conscious and subconscious heart to speak irrespective of the effort and mirrors a self that is hidden.

The song is opened by Zuberi and even if you’re just waiting for Mr. Kapadia to emerge, he doesn’t until two/thirds of the song. This makes room for one to strictly focus on Zuberi and realize what an unbelievably strong talent she is. This is a song where you realize that we should’ve been paying a lot more attention to her than we have prior to this song.

It does make you look her up and spend some time in her cosmos of music before this song and beyond this song.

Mr. Kapadia can carry any mood and he does so with ‘Hum Na Rahey’ like the pro he is. It feels like a broken love song, a ballad where the search for various emotions is thwarted by circumstances. He brings a melancholic mood and it feels deliberate but not forced.

The combination of these two voices that are covered in a slow electro-landscape [that is not aiming to become a club hit] works like a charm. The magic is unmissable.

To be able to sing in a song that features Faisal Kapadia is not an easy task but Zuberi makes it look so easy that it is refreshing and makes you wonder just how far female musicians have come.

A round of applause should go to Zoha Zuberi for flying so high with this track, Ali Allahditta for producing the stirring song and to Faisal Kapadia for keeping his promise of highlighting younger talent.

His musical mission to collaborate with younger artists is beginning to take shape in concrete fashion. He is not insecure by the young wave of artists – especially compared to his decades in music – but is willing to embrace them and their ideas in an honest manner.

As a result, ‘Hum Na Rahey’ should find a space on your playlist of the most enduring songs from 2023.

– Artwork by @banam.pk

Faisal Kapadia collaborates with Zoha Zuberi