In the mood for something Yum

December 3, 2023

Winter’s kinda here, and we need our comfort food.

In the mood for something Yum


he first thing that will strike you about Yum by Amna isn’t the quirky decor or polite and accommodating waiters. The one thing you’ll either be completely bowled over, or repelled by, is how the cafe smells.

It’s like all the best kitchen and bakery smells; fresh bread and garlic, cinnamon and butter, got together and put together a little show for your senses. Your nose will register the air fragrant with cooking, which will make your mouth water, your stomach rumble, and blinded by this sudden crush you have on everything inside Yum by Amna, the only thing that will come into focus will be the shabby-chic aesthetic, which of course goes so, so well with everything else you’re feeling.

Without trying to be high-end, Yum by Amna manages to place itself firmly in the ‘it’s probably good’ category before you even have a single bite. After the first bite though, you’ll find yourself a fan. Or you’ll decide all the food is too rich and you just want something light when you walk into your friendly neighborhood deli.

There is, of course, something for everyone on the menu, from basic sandwiches and pastas to slightly more elevated basics. You may find a little bit of all kinds of cuisine; seafood linguine, crab dip paired with garlic bread, risotto, steak or chicken parm, and note the common theme: everything is super indulgent. The soups on offer are all on the creamier side, and the house salad dressing is liberal in its sweet and tart ingredients. If you’re after sophisticated food, you won’t find it here. But what you will find is food that isn’t shy about what it is, as evidenced by the name of the restaurant: yum.

In the mood for something Yum

Their cheeseburger is really quite good, the kind where the bun soaks up all the juiciness it can from the patty, which is always the real star of any burger. The Yum by Amna patty generously gives of its flavors to the bread it is encased in and drips into the lettuce and tomatoes, seasons the cheese, and still retains the gorgeous texture and taste.

Risottos are usually a safe bet anywhere and the spinach ricotta version here is hearty and warming, perfect for these cool months. The crab dip is filling and flavorful, and the truffle fries are totally worth the calories. The one item that’s promising on paper but a bit of a dry disappointment in your mouth are the sticky mango prawns, but they aren;t entirely unpalatable. Top it all off with a slice of flourless chocolate cake and you’ll find yourself in a pleasant food coma for the rest of the day.

The cafe itself is really pleasant, perfect for friend dates and mother-daughter hangs, as well as a cute, casual first date. If you’re in the market for a laid-back place to enjoy a couple of meals this winter, we have to urge you, if you’re in Karachi, to stop by Yum by Amna, and leave with a warmer heart and happier tummy. 

In the mood for something Yum