So you think you know: the Peter Doherty edition

November 26, 2023

So you think you know: the Peter Doherty edition

In this age of the Internet, technological advancement and bombardment of content, nothing is a secret and this applies to music too. We know that becoming successful in America is the gateway to international following across continents. However, it is also true that American audiences might not accept an act that goes on to find a fan following in Britain first, only to be accepted in the United States of America, later. Some examples include Kings of Leon, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, The Killers and many others. That said, some artists are satisfied by success in the United Kingdom and weren’t looking for success in America such as English singer-songwriter, composer, guitarist and producer, Peter Doherty (Pete Doherty). As a solo act as well as being a member of two music groups, he is known as one of the best artists in British music history. But how well do you know him?

1. Apart from a solo act, Pete Doherty has been a significant member of which two music groups?

A) Babyshambles and The Libertines

B) Oasis and Beady Eye

C) Atoms for Peace and Radiohead

D) The Smiths and Kill Uncle

So you think you know: the Peter Doherty edition

2. From the following names, which fashion icon from the ‘supermodel era’ featured on a Babyshambles album and dated Pete Doherty?

A) Naomi Campbell

B) Cindy Crawford

C) Elle Macpherson

D) Kate Moss

E) All of the above

So you think you know: the Peter Doherty edition

3. Pete Doherty found success as part of The Libertines, but how many solo records has the singer, songwriter and artist released?

A) One

B) Three

C) Four

D) Six

So you think you know: the Peter Doherty edition

4. With which late
artist was Pete Doherty
planning to release music?

A) Amy Winehouse

B) George Michael

C) Linda Lewis

D) None of the above


1. A) Pete Doherty was an integral part of Babyshambles, with whom he released three albums and The Libertines with whom he has released four studio albums.

2. D) The right answer is Kate Moss, who dated Pete Doherty and also featured on the Babyshambles record, Shotter’s Nation.

3. C) Beginning from 2009, Pete Doherty released four studio albums: Grace/Wastelands, Hamburg Demonstrations, Peter Doherty & the Puta Madres and The Fantasy Life of Poetry & Crime.

4. A) Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty were friends who planned to release significant collaborations but that dream came to a grinding halt when Winehouse died due to alcohol poisoning. Pete did release a track meant as a tribute to Amy Winehouse called ‘Flags Of The Old Regime’.

So you think you know: the Peter Doherty edition