Finding Faction

September 17, 2023

Fahad Hussayn’s streetwear brand is the very essence of fashion.

Finding Faction


hen you think of fashion, you will more often than not think of red carpet style. You will think gowns, you will think Carrie Bradshaw, you will think whimsical combinations, curious patterns.

While the qualities of the above apply to Fahad Hussayn, both the designer’s work, and his personal style, with Faction we find something that is just pleasingly to-the-point. Just print, just cuts, just people wearing clothes, not the other way around.

Finding Faction

We tend to think of fashion and style as these complex, frightening puzzles to solve, when really, your style is who you are, just expressed through your appearance. Owning that style, and evolving it is fashion.

While the Faction aesthetic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, though we see it being potentially very versatile, the collection does what well-crafted design should: aid and abet your personal style, enhance it, allow you to build around it, and incorporate it with your existing wardrobe.

We generally tend to think of prints as non-basic, when in fact, they are wardrobe staples. Imagine the possibilities of a printed pant that’s well-cut.

Finding Faction

Pair it with a tee, a button down, a luxe blouse, a shimmery strapless top, or your favorite kurta. That is exactly how you style your most basic jeans as well.

Fashion is definitely not a separate entity from you, fashion is you. It is the world around you, it is your mood, your tolerance for adventure or capriciousness on any given day, or the comfort you seek.

If you feel this is way too much poetry for a pair of pants, imagine how Faction must be singing to us for this eloquence being waxed.

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Finding Faction