Grab a bite at Sando

July 30, 2023

Islamabad, get ready to be wooed by the best coffee and dessert of your life!

Grab a bite at Sando


icture Islamabad, and there is a particular vision that comes to mind. This translates very well into the food that denizens of the capital eat and the places they spend time in. Unlike the more foodie city of Lahore, Islamabadis are tough on the restaurants that pop up in their space, scrutinizing them and critiquing them beyond food to see if it’s at par with the ‘vibe’ they uphold.

Now there’s a new player in town, and it’s as Islamabadi as it gets. Before the crowd picks up their pitches and forks, let’s examine if this place passes the ‘vibe’ check.

Sophisticated. The one adjective the capital city prides itself on being. The word isn’t synonymous with being extravagant but rather having character. Even places opened in parks, like Chalet, carry a sense of character. As you enter Sando, this is exactly what you feel, a space characterized by sophistication.

The interior done by the owner/architect Babrak and his partner Umar is a canvas that celebrates local artists and architects, adding a touch of creativity to every nook and cranny. Even their cups boast the exquisite touch of design by NCA graduate Maryam Arshad, blending the lines between tableware and art. Every wooden table is carved out in its own personality. The furniture is a fusion of classical pieces and bespoke designs, adding a timeless charm to the place.

What really ties the whole place together is the visual aesthetic across each and every wall. A melange of Pakistani, Afghani, and Irani tapestries mesmerize the eyes with their individual persona. If you’re sitting at the right spot, you will come across art pieces from local artists, all of which infuse artistic elements into every aspect of this unique establishment.

This place is a realization of Babrak’s original vision, as he passionately shares, “The idea behind every aspect of this place is to create an inviting haven for a vibrant artistic community. With art as our enchanting medium, we’re trying to curate a community of creativity.”

Moving on from the vibe check, everything on the menu tantalizes your taste buds while giving you an amazing food experience. Everything is made in-house. From their ketchup to sourdough bread, both of which go fantastically with their beef and breakfast menu, anything you have at Sando is made fresh. You can actually sense that in every item you get on your plate. The food is only as good as the kitchen it’s been made in, and their open kitchen has been thoughtfully designed in pristine white, ensuring that cleanliness takes center stage.

In an effort to give Islamabadis what they love, they specifically brought in experts from Coffeemistry to give the ultimate taste to their coffee menu. But if there was to be one thing that would be a must-try on their menu, it is the Chaye Creme Brulee. You read that right; it’s a beautiful fusion of the poshest desert and the most traditional drink. Its experience is simply unparalleled; as it dances on your tastebuds, it transports you to a realm of flavors, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

If there’s one word that perfectly captures both Sando and the spirit of Islamabadis, it’s “eclectic.” They’ve made this into an immersive experience that celebrates art, culture, and culinary excellence. It definitely promises an experience for your senses to dance to the rhythm of creativity and flavor. 

Grab a bite at Sando