The ‘consistency’ hoax

May 21, 2023

The way they preach consistency is a hoax

The ‘consistency’ hoax


follow numerous ‘influencers’ on Instagram and LinkedIn. The idea is to get some inspiration. I figured that if you see enough content you’re bound to feel motivated to develop the right attitude or work ethic.

Well, it has clearly worked out for all these people who speak so highly about it. But lately, I’ve begun to feel that there’s no end to it. In the ‘picture-perfect’ world of Instagram and the I-have-the-best-job-ever status on LinkedIn, I feel that everyone is moving forward at a faster pace than me. They say that consistency is the key. Without a doubt, it is; but the way they preach consistency is a hoax.

Get up at 5am, do this, and do that, and you’ll become a millionaire? What kind of magical insanity are they selling?

I don’t have a problem with people preaching the habit of focusing; it’s how bad they make me feel when I slack or have bad days. Consistency should instead be preached so as to awaken the ‘want’ that is needed to be able to constantly try and achieve what you have to achieve. There isn’t one particular formula that takes you there; to each their own.

You’d be the biggest fool if you imagined consistency was a staircase and one step up every day would get you to the top of the mountain you’re trying to conquer. I must confess that I’ve been that kind of a fool. But over time, as I started experimenting with these methods myself, I understood that not every day can be ‘perfect.’ And on imperfect days, there’s no need to become your harshest critic.

Over time, I understood that not every day can be ‘perfect.’ And on imperfect days, there’s no need to become your harshest critic.

To fault is to be human, and human we all are. The sooner we embrace inconsistencies on the way to becoming consistent, the easier the journey will become. Now, I am not trying to say that being a slack or a master procrastinator is fine. But when you are on the path of trying to achieve something, you tend to move into the slow lane for a bit, but as long as you get back on track into focus, you’re good to go.

This belief system — of consistently having to score As, or else — is etched into our system through our childhood and growing-up years. Life is more diverse, now that we’ve grown up. Adults juggle multiple things as life throws a myriad of scenarios their way. In the midst of it all, as long as you have your eyes set on your goal, and you’re moving forward, you’re doing well for yourself.

It’s been a while since I, and perhaps you too, heard this quote by Confucius: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” The constant struggle should be preached, not constant perfection. This applies to all spheres of life, professional and personal relationships, even religion. So, the next time an Instagram photo or a LinkedIn post irks your being, just remember that that kind of consistency is just a hoax.

The writer is an ex-serviceman and a freelancer. He can be reached at

The ‘consistency’ hoax