The return of bridal couture: an exclusive look at Fahad Hussayn’s upcoming solo show

November 13, 2022

The return of bridal couture: an exclusive look at Fahad Hussayn’s upcoming solo show

Ghar, Gharasti, Gehnay explores the eccentricities of the couturier’s design aesthetic in depth, as it merges fashion with the narrative of the trousseau, heritage and household.

The bridal season is upon us, and there is no doubt that like every year, the aptly-coined Decemberistan will reign supreme. Once again towns and metropolises will be decked in a multitude of flowers, light shows, and pomp as the blushing bride sashays down the gilded path to the dais. However, celebrating that more than anybody else, this time around, would be the fashion industry, which finally has witnessed a return of a proper shaadi season after two and a half years of a pandemic.

Amidst them all, the one who seems to be celebrating full throttle is Fahad Hussayn, as he gears up to usher in the bridal season with his latest solo show, Ghar, Gharasti, Gehnay, slated for November 22 in Lahore.

What is the solo showcase all about this time around and what does the couturier have in store for his clientele? Instep finds out…

The big idea

With a three-pronged approach towards creating a narrative around brides and households with fashion at its heart, Fahad Hussayn once again lends his very distinct aesthetic as he examines the themes of marriage and bridal trousseau over the years.

“The solo show plays as a consolidated concept, where it explores the old-school idea of what women needed to have when stepping into a marriage,” the designer explained to Instep. “I wanted to decipher my own version of it and keep our key elements iconic yet subjective. You will notice that we are using many interesting materials, such as steel cutlery, moving toys, etc., this time around. There will be a different perspective to the old anecdote.”

Of royalty and heritage

Paying homage to a shikargah and creating an imaginative space that plays to the idea
of royalty, Ghar, Gharasti, Gehnay is set to be an immersive experience where the exclusive guestlist curated by the designer will interact with the ensembles in an open-concept showcase, instead of the traditional linear runway format.

“We’re designing an imaginary town for this, and it definitely will be an experience for those who will be a part of the show,” Fahad Hussayn said. “I enjoy when my garments can play into the concept of installation art as well, and I feel that’s where I can curate it much better.”

The return of bridal couture: an exclusive look at Fahad Hussayn’s upcoming solo show

Hues, tints, and a

On the fashion side of things, the show aims to bring out 58 looks in total, out of which 18 will be bridal ensembles done up in Fahad’s signature heirloom legacy shades along with a major line for groomswear and formal menswear as well. Hues of antique gold on tissue fabrics with multicolored embellishments will highlight a major chunk of the capsule. Overall, a classic approach towards jewel tones will set up the mood of the show.

What makes the solo exhibit different this year, however, is that it veers away from the concept of showcasing the current season. It will instead move towards an international concept of showing one season ahead, i.e., summer bridals.

“The one thing the Pakistani fashion industry has failed to do over the years is match international standards of season,” the designer stated. “This time around, I want to change that. Our collection will focus on a summer bride.”

Who’s on the guestlist?

While Fahad plans on releasing the full commercial line of the Ghar, Gharasti, Gehnay collection with the more mass-centric fashion extravaganza at Bridal Couture Week slated for later this year, he plans on making the solo show his magnum opus where he controls the guestlist, the production quality, and the way it will all work.

“Everyone has their own viewership and space, and thus, my solo show is going to be what I think is more unique to my brand,” the couturier commented.

“The ideology that my brand carries has always been that we create original concepts, where we have our own constructed timelines, our own unique productions, and our own format. This time you will feel the immersive experience, where everything from music to celebrity faces will be a part of the show.”

The designer also discussed whether it is even important anymore to invite a larger number of guests to shows any more.

The return of bridal couture: an exclusive look at Fahad Hussayn’s upcoming solo show

“The solo show format works for me. It’s much better than inviting riff-raff from every corner. My idea is to reach out to the masses through my show,” he added. “Half the people that are usually seen at fashion weeks aren’t even relevant. I don’t see the relevance in them. It is way more important today how progressive your brand is rather than anything else.”

With all said and done, the show comes at a time when solo shows have become all the rage and have evolved the concept of fashion weeks from what they were to more individual, glamor-centric showmanship. Now, one just has to see how this one triumph over the ones recently gone by and the ones to come!

Till then, keep watching this space for more in fashion…

The return of bridal couture: an exclusive look at Fahad Hussayn’s upcoming solo show