Saturday November 26, 2022

Sindh govt fails to handle flood situation: Cheema

By Our Correspondent
October 02, 2022

LAHORE : Adviser to the CM on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema has said the recent floods have once again exposed the incompetence and administrative failures of the Sindh government.

Instead of helping the flood affectees, Sindh government is busy in politically targeting the opposition leader, Cheema said. He said that due to better government initiatives and effective administrative structure in Punjab, flood damage was minimal, while in Sindh government officials submerged countless villages to save their estates.

These views were expressed by Omar Sarfaraz Cheema in a meeting with Opposition Leader Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh. Current political situation in the country, especially recent floods and relief operations were discussed. Cheema on this occasion said that Haleem Adil Sheikh has bravely resisted authoritarian tactics of Sindh government. Despite Sindh government’s treatment of a political leader like a prisoner of war, Haleem Adil has remained firm.

On this occasion, Haleem Adil Sheikh expressed his deep gratefulness for the party’s support on his political victimisation by Sindh government. Earlier in his statement, Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said the secret behind China’s development is that corrupt leaders like Sharif and Zardari are not given power there, but are executed.

In China’s system of accountability, thieves like Sharif and Zardari cannot obtain NROs. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema said that PDM leaders have repeatedly said on media that no-confidence motion could not have succeeded without the help of establishment. Senior leadership of PDM is damaging the credibility of state institutions by repeatedly throwing on them the debris of their failures and incompetence. Proven fugitives and money laundering experts have been given the reins of the country, he maintained. Imran Khan lost power but did not give NRO to looters, Cheema said.

He said that the nation has refused to accept mafias; they will have to face public accountability soon. If Imran Khan calls, the whole country will respond.