Monday October 03, 2022

No freedom sans justice

September 23, 2022

This letter refers to the article ‘Haqiqi Azadi’ (September 18, 2022) by Dr Farrukh Saleem. ‘Haqiqi Azadi’ begins with a strong and independent judiciary that can deliver true justice. Criminals easily get bail, while the rich and influential escape justice by hiring expensive lawyers. The absence of affordable and timely dispensation of justice inhibits people from participation in state affairs and, resultantly, a coterie of influential and powerful individuals are free to claim the citadel of power.

Transgressions by the rulers are more serious than when committed by ordinary people. The law is the same for all but those who wield authority and are responsible for defending the law should be dealt with harshly if they choose to betray their sacred trust. The justice system empowers the people and, if upheld, the writer’s concerns about debt slavery, balanced budget etc would disappear.

Arif Majeed