Wednesday November 30, 2022

Speeding bikers operate with impunity

August 26, 2022

More than one-third of people riding motorized two-wheelers on Rawalpindi streets speed dangerously. Streets are full of speeders. City streets remain severe safety hazards flooded with bikers that constantly disobey the speed limit.

“Why bike riders do not realize that streets are shared with pedestrians who are forced to dodge filthy bikers and rogue riders? Motorized bikes just zip along the pedestrians at a high speed,” says Rafiq Hussain, a resident of Satellite Town.

“I am fed up with the bike riders. It is a huge problem. People are walking by them and these motorbikes zoom right up to them. There is not even time for anyone to react. It is just crazy,” says Raziq Ali, a resident of Asghar Mall area.

“Years ago, this would never happen, but these bikes operate with impunity and there’s never a cop in sight,” adds Raziq.

“The city authorities need to crack down on the speeding bikers. They should start education awareness initiatives at the school, college, and university levels as bikers include minors, teenagers, and even grown-up boys,” says Zainab Bibi, an educationist from Saidpur Road.

“We don’t have the manpower to deal with these lousy speeding bikers who make people on foot fear for their life. I am constantly turning my head because these wild bikers come out of nowhere so fast that you have little time to react,” says Shahid Abbas, from Chandni Chowk traffic office.

“Bikers zooming past the people on evening stroll after dinner in the streets are really a nightmare. They put the public at risk through dangerous driving. The extent of their recklessness is amazing,” laments Waheed Hasan from Murree Road.

“I saw a biker mounting the pavement and riding at dangerously high speed on busy residential streets. The manner of riding displayed was one of the worst examples I have ever seen,” says Munir Hussain from Rawal Road.

“It was highly dangerous and this individual put his own life, and the life of other members of the public in serious danger,” adds Munir.

“The city fathers should not let such bikers continue riding in the city streets at a faster speed as allowing it to continue can pose a serious risk to the public. I will be pleased if the actions taken prevent serious injury or worse coming to members of the public, and the rider himself,” says Haider Abbas from Liaquat Road.

“The reckless young speeding bikers show their clear lack of care for the public. Wheeling, picking bikes up, and punching around in the air before banging them down hard on the street are on the rise in Rawalpindi,” says Samar Ali from Waris Khan.

Atif Ali from Committee Chowk says, “Residential area streets are not a playground. Their parents should prevent youngsters from indulging in such a perilous act.”