Wednesday September 28, 2022

Man says his slain wife was dubbed dancer to twist facts

By Our Correspondent
August 20, 2022

MANSEHRA: Husband of Kiran Nagina, who was allegedly killed by former provincial minister Ibrar Hussain at a party a few days ago, on Friday said an influential mafia, involved in the murder of his wife, twisted the facts and declared her a dancer to escape justice.

“My wife was deceived by a woman, who is also the co-accused in her murder case, and was taken to a house where she was killed,” Sajid Hussain told reporters here.

Flanked by his brother-in-law Amjid Butt and a 12-year-daughter and a minor son, he said that it was an extreme test of his family’s nerves as the entire media labelled his wife a dancer.

“In fact, she was a hafiza. And she had been imparting education to local children after we shifted here from Azad Jammu and Kashmir almost 10 years back,” he said.

He added that the woman accused had borrowed money from his wife.

Amjid Butt, the brother of slain Kiran Nagina, said that his family belonged to the Neelum district of AJK and his sister was killed over the monetary issue.

“What crime my four small nephews and nieces committed that their mother was killed. The accused must be taken to justice,” he added.

He also appealed to the Prime Minister, DIG and District police officer Mansehra to dispense justice to his family.

Peshawar High Court’s Abbottabad circuit bench on Thursday granted bail to the former provincial minister, Ibrar Hussain alias Iqbal who was booked in the murder of Kiran Nagina on August 12 this year.

According to the police two of the four co-accused in the murder, a former union council Nazim Mohammad Jamshad and a woman who had taken the slain to the party were arrested and raids were underway to apprehend Raheel Tanoli and Mian Amir.