Saturday August 13, 2022

Republican Party to hold 2024 convention

August 06, 2022

WASHINGTON: The US Republican Party announced on Friday that it will hold its 2024 presidential nominating convention in Wisconsin, a state narrowly won by Democrat Joe Biden in 2020.

The Republican National Committee said the convention will take place in Milwaukee, the largest city in the northern swing state. The Republican and Democratic parties traditionally hold a huge convention several months before the November election to officially name their presidential nominees.

The RNC did not set a date for the Milwaukee convention but it is expected to be held in July or August 2024. The Democratic Party has not yet decided on the site for its 2024 convention but has narrowed down the choice to Atlanta, Chicago, Houston or New York. Former Republican president Donald Trump has hinted on multiple occasions recently that he may seek the party’s nomination in 2024.