Monday August 08, 2022

Diamond jubilee celebrations of legislature from 10th

By Our Correspondent
August 06, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Diamond jubilee celebrations of the legislature will commence on August 10 in the Parliament House. Several functions have been planned by the National Assembly Secretariat to commemorate the event in a befitting manner.

August 11 carries a unique significance in the parliamentary history of Pakistan since the inaugural session of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held on this day before the transfer of power from the British rule to Pakistan from August 11 to 14, 1947. The theme of the celebrations is “Mera Parliman Rahbar-i-Taraqqi-o-Kamal”. The celebrations will commence on August 10 with the inauguration of a 3-day photographs exhibition with the theme “Tarjuman-i-Mazi Shan-i-Hal” will be held.

A minorities convention will be held on August 11 on the eve of the International Day for Minorities to acknowledge the services of minorities in the development of Pakistan A mega parliamentary convention will be held in the evening of August 13 with the theme “Sayah-i-Khuda-i-Zuljalal”. This convention will signify the importance of continuity of democratic system in the country. Sitting and former parliamentarians will attend the convention. Diamond jubilee memorial medals titled “Parliament at 75” will be conferred on prominent parliamentarians. The Parliament House will be illuminated and fireworks will be set off.