Friday August 12, 2022

Suspect who killed man at his brother’s wedding over parking dispute held

By Our Correspondent
August 06, 2022

Police on Friday claimed to have a suspect who allegedly killed a man at his brother’s wedding over a parking dispute in Liaquatabad last week.

During the wedding ceremony of 22-year-old Hammad’s brother and sister, he had a fight with Zeeshan Qureshi, who was attending a wedding function in the marriage hall next to theirs, over car parking on July 28. Later, Qureshi opened fire on him, killing him on the spot. The suspect escaped the scene in his black SUV after committing the crime.

Police recovered a 9mm pistol and the SUV from the possession of the suspect, adding that he had escaped to rural Sindh and was also frequently changing his mobile phones and SIM cards to avoid arrest.

Police continued to track his location and arrested him when he returned to Karachi to get a protective bail. Earlier, the suspect had released his video statement, informing the police that he shot and killed the victim in self-defence when Hammad attacked him and his wife.