Thursday August 11, 2022

FPCCI stresses steps for food security

By Our Correspondent
August 06, 2022

KARACHI: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) has stressed on food security across the country, saying effective, modern, and futuristic salinisation management system needed at Indus Basin to curb salinity.

“Around 2 million hectares of land is affected by salinity in Indus Basin,” said FPCCI president Irfan Iqbal Sheikh while expressing concerns on imports of up to $10 billion worth of food products annually in the country.

“We need to do everything to go for import substitution in food imports to reduce the strains on our foreign exchange reserves, rupee value and, at the same time, protect the masses from spikes in international food commodities prices,” he added. He explained that tile drainage is an effective method of reclaiming and rehabilitating saline and water-logged agricultural lands.

FPCCI chief maintained that an enhanced groundwater management was vital for a healthy, food-secure, economically-vibrant and green Pakistan. “Pakistan’s Indus Basin Irrigation System is the biggest man-made groundwater recharge system in the world; however, the present water management model does not mirror it,” he added.