Wednesday July 06, 2022

Police in merged districts get equipment, ammunition

June 24, 2022

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police chief on Thursday said the Counter-Terrorism Department and all other wings of the force had been set up in the tribal districts while ammunition, vehicles, equipment and all other requirements were also provided to better maintain law and order.

The police chief said steps are being taken to increase the strength of females in the KP Police from around 1,000 to at least 10,000 in coming months for a better ratio in a department of around 110,000.

“The police were being further strengthened in the erstwhile Fata by providing them weapons, ammunition and vehicles. This will help further improve the law and order in the merged districts,” Inspector General of Police Moazzam Jah Ansari told media at the Malik Saad Shaheed Police Lines after handing over new vehicles and ammunition to the district police officers in the merged districts. The IGP handed over keys of vehicles for DPOs, double cabin and single cabin pick up vans for other officers and police stations, prisoner vans, ambulances, computers, walk through gates, bullet proof jackets, uniforms and weapons to the officials from the merged districts.

The police chief was briefed about the amount spent on the procured vehicles, ammunition, telecommunication equipment, tear gas shells, bullet proof jackets and vehicles, furniture, computers and other requirements for the force in the tribal districts.

The IGP was informed that seven luxury jeeps for the DPOs, 14 double cabin pick ups, 67 single cabin pick ups, seven ambulances, seven prisoner vans, 100 motorbikes, 14 jammers, 700 pocket phones, 150 cellular phones, 1020 small machine guns, 3,11 9 mm pistols, thousands of rounds, uniform, furniture and other equipment have been purchased for the force in NMDs in the recent months.

Separately, three jeeps, 13 double cabin pick ups, seven single cabin pick ups have been purchased for the CTD.

The police chief was briefed that apart from others, Rs800 million have been spent on purchase of ammunition, Rs791 million on purchase of vehicles, Rs727 million on uniforms, Rs200 million on bullet proof jackets, Rs273 million on purchase of machinery and equipment for the force in NMDs.

“There is no difference between the policemen in the former tribal districts and those in the rest of the KP. After training around 26,000 personnel and providing facilities to the regular police in the merged districts in the last three years, the CTD, BDU and other specialized units of the force are being strengthened to better maintain law and order,” said Moazzam Jah Ansari.

He added the people and law enforcers of the tribal districts have rendered great sacrifices for the peace in the country and more needs to be done to ensure better law and order in these areas.

The KP IGP said more policewomen will be recruited in the force to improve their ratio in the force. He said the current strength of women in the force is around 1000 in the force of around 110,000 which will be increased to at least 10,000.

He said all the hurdles in this process would be removed and women would be encouraged to join the force.

The police chief said the cut on the expanses will not affect the operational duties of the force. He added the chief minister has also assured further funds to meet the financial challenges of the force.