Friday July 01, 2022

DNA samples collected after police exhume remains of girl killed at Hawkesbay hut

By Our Correspondent
May 29, 2022

Police have collected DNA samples of a girl who was killed about six months ago in a hut at the Hawke’s Bay beach in the Mauripur area of Karachi.

Mauripur SHO Ayaz Jamali said the young girl was killed about six months ago and her remains were buried at a hut in Hawkesbay. He added that the police exhumed the remains upon information provided by a police informer.

The officer added that the owner of the hut, Wali Muhammad, and an employee, Wali Shah, had also been arrested.

According to SHO Jamali, the suspects had revealed that a boy and the girl had come to the hut six months ago and a quarrel broke out between them, during which, the boy strangled her with a noose and escaped.

The owner claimed that when he went to the hut, he found the girl’s body there but instead of informing the police, he set fire to the body to cover up the incident and buried the remains there.

The SHO said that the police had exhumed the remains of the body and DNA samples had been collected. He added that the identity of the boy had not been revealed as the investigation was in a preliminary stage.