Wednesday June 29, 2022

Dispute at the airport

May 26, 2022

After the relaxation of Covid-19-related travel restrictions, my wife and I decided to perform umrah. We booked tickets for PIA’s premium class seats and were scheduled to fly on May 16. On the day of our flight, the staff at the PIA check-in counter at the Lahore airport told us that our tickets were for the economy class and not for the premium class. I was left with no option but to opt for economy seats as I desperately wanted to visit the holy sites. We paid extra money at the counter to get seats in the front row – as they have extra legroom.

Airlines usually ‘upgrade’ passengers’ seats to provide them more comfort. PIA, however, downgraded our seats without citing any reasons. On my way back from Saudi Arabia, I was allotted a seat in the premium class as per my ticket. Is there anyone in the PIA administration who can explain the reason(s) for this mishap?

Aamir Aqil