Sunday June 26, 2022

Interfaith harmony rally held for promotion of peace

By Our Correspondent
May 16, 2022

The Knowledge Forum held a Peace Rally for Interfaith Harmony from the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, to the Karachi Press Club on Saturday.

Religious scholars, community leaders, and human rights and civil society activists marched as they carried banners and placards while shouting slogans to end religious extremism and promote peace in society. ‘Religious extremism is unacceptable’, ‘Karachi needs peace’ and ‘Extremism is a curse’ were some of the messages on the placards.

Addressing the participants of the rally at the press club, religious scholars and civil society activists said that peace is possible only when every religion is respected, adding that acceptance of others’ beliefs will create harmony in society.

They pointed out that economic prosperity is also possible when there is peace in society. Those who addressed the rally included Muslim scholar Mufti Faisal Japanwala, the Urban Resource Centre’s Zahid Farooque, Altaf Hussain Khoso Advocate, Asad Gondal, Shujauddin Qureshi and Naghma Iqtidar.