Saturday May 28, 2022

Non-professionalism, inefficiency and corruption splotch police

May 15, 2022

By Shakeel Anjum

Islamabad: Gone are the days when the corrupt or dishonest police officers used to get immediately spotted and marked as the black sheep of the department by their own brethren in uniform.

Now are the days that if we find an honest and upright officer, we immediately start raving about him with good intentions because of their dedication and aim to perform their duties with a noticeable height of honesty and commitment. Such officers/officials are gifts to society as good repute is actually respect from God.

But it may sound harsh and sort of a sweeping statement but unfortunately this is an irrefutable fact that the priorities of a vast majority of our ‘Police Service of Pakistan’ (PSP) officers have completely changed from policing to self-projection and money collection by using their office. But the majority of the PSP officers intend to concentrate on professional policing with dignity and honour, a pragmatic officer kept up.

By and large performance of police has touched the most minuscule ebb tide with hardly any interest being shown by the government or by the department itself to first arrest the rot and then take steps to revive the actual spirit of policing, a police officer holding a key office in Punjab.

A few directions given to the force only encouraged the corrupt and crooked elements in the force to start abusing their powers with impunity. We have all the reasons to believe that the command had issued those directions with all the goodwill behind them. But unfortunately, the result is that the old culture of harassing the poor public and extortion by patrolling police officials on the roads and in the streets is creeping back.

There are still high hopes pinned on him concerning change in the prevailing police culture, which has tiptoed in the federal territory from Punjab and has become so rotten that to change it has become a slogan or jingle for the political parties.

With obvious political influence on the department the ‘check and balance system’ for monitoring the performance of police officials and officers, has tailed off badly, ultimately, reflecting adversely on the crime control and maintenance of law and order situation in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

However, at the same time, we have seen individuals in the same police department who had refused to budge to the pressure mounted by the politicians and had left highly appreciable impressions by improving their performance, thus winning the hearts and minds of the public.

It has been observed that some Station House Officers (SHOs), the Sub-Divisional Police Officers (SDPOs), the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASPs), and the Superintendent of Police (SPs) are not coming up to the set standards of efficiency in the performances of their duties.

The situation has created a discontented element in the force as they feel that they are not being awarded and rewarded for their good work while looking helplessly at their colleagues with shady and questionable service records being patronized because of political influence and clout they have mustered up.

This is an established fact that the upright, honest, and professional officers feel themselves misfits in the police organism for the reason that they remain intolerable to the political robust who are running the faulty system of the law enforcement agency. Because of the political deeds, the government could not introduce the police reforms that were their first main concern and prime intention.

But what pains us to note is that the command has yet to take the right steps in the right direction to achieve what he has promised and what he is actually supposed to do as the leader of the Islamabad Police force.