Sunday May 29, 2022

Muqam wants duration of loadshedding reduced

By Bureau report
May 15, 2022

PESHAWAR: Advisor to Prime Minister Engineer Amir Muqam on Saturday underlined the need for extending relief to power consumers by reducing the duration of loadshedding.

Chairing a meeting of the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) at the Wapad House here, the prime minister’s advisor said the areas where losses were ranging from 90 or 95 percent to 100 percent should also get four hours electricity.

“Consumers of high losses areas too have the right to have water in their house for domestic chores and drinking or water in mosques for ablution,” he said after the Pesco officials were advocating for extending loadshedding duration as a remedy to overcome revenue losses.

Amir Muqam maintained that areas, which were registering over 80 percent losses should experience 12 hours loadshedding against 16 hours, which was currently in vogue.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pesco Abdul Jabbar Khan pointed that Pesco officials were facing a number of difficulties on several fronts and consumers of certain feeders in Peshawar resorted to coercive tactics and took control of electricity supplying gadgets to keep the supply on to their area.

He said that such practices could, someday, lead to a big mishap either to power breakdown or human losses.

The minister’s advisor said that it was a serious issue and asked them to contact law enforcement officials to provide security and register FIRs against the culprits.

He pointed out certain officials of the Pesco exploited the situation in the wake of the setup change at national level by misusing resources including transformers and poles.