Sunday May 29, 2022

Imran’s popularity makes rulers upset: Pervaiz

By Our Correspondent
May 15, 2022

LAHORE : Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi while commenting on disruption of PTI Jalsa in Sialkot by the ‘fake’ Punjab government said Usman Dar and PTI Sialkot should thank Hamza Shehbaz for publicising the PTI Jalsa without any expenses.

The difficult task that Usman Dar was doing alone has been taken over by PMLN and Hamza Shahbaz which created exhilaration among people, he said and added that the disruption of PTI Jalsa in Sialkot has revealed that the ‘child ruler’ is distraught to see the growing popularity of Imran Khan among people. The PMLN claims to have served the highest cause of democracy but has never fulfilled it. It was the fundamental right of all parties, including the PTI, to hold protests and rallies. PTI Jalsa is to be held in Sialkot, Pervaiz Elahi said.