Monday May 16, 2022

Automatic road safety system introduced

April 26, 2022

Islamabad:For road users including buses a road master introduced Master Intelligent Transport Management System (MiTMS) introduced first time in Pakistan. The MiTMS not only enables live monitoring of buses for passengers safety but it also warns captains in case of any offences such as over speeding, harsh brake, changing lane without indicators, using mobiles or not focusing on driving etc, says a press release.

CEO Road Master Transport Mr Faisal Sheikh in an interview said that artificial intelligence system automatically warns captains to refrain any traffic violations and non-safety practices.

Faisal Sheikh further elaborated that performance of captains also monitored from control room and captains are rated for every trip performance on a scale of 10. With this system, you are safe and secure while traveling.

He explains how intelligent system works and monitor each and every action of captains who had been compelled to strictly adhere to the traffic rules and guidelines. Faisal Sheikh was of the view that in Pakistan only road master has this unique transport intelligence system which has been proved very successful to minimize traffic accidents.