Wednesday January 19, 2022

Family protests patient’s death in hospital

January 15, 2022

LAHORE:A patient expired in Services Hospital on Friday due to alleged negligence of doctors. The victim identified as Hamid came to the hospital with an attendant but he could not be accommodated by the doctors for an hour. As a result, the patient's condition went critical and he died. The hospital guards locked the attendant of the patient in a room on protesting against the doctors. Police manhandled the women who were protesting and took the victim's relatives into custody. Services Hospital's Emergency Department was completely closed for five hours. The slip system also remained completely closed and posed severe difficulties for the visiting patients. Services Hospital MS formed a four-member committee to look into the case. The Chairman of the Committee is Prof Dr M Imran, Head of Medical Unit II. The committee will submit its report to MS within 24 hours.