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Mein nay kuch nahin kia

January 13, 2022

‘Incredible things happen when women support each other,’ is not just another cliche but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

‘Swaang’ is the first theatrical troupe in Islamabad conceived, produced, sponsored and launched by two sisters Sanober Nazir and Kanwal Ajmal.

Sanober Nazir, a leftist and was associated with ‘Dastak Group’ under the auspicious supervision of Aslam Azhar and Mansoor Saeed in Karachi. Sanober kept herself involved in various theatrical productions.

The other sister is Kanwal Ajmal, a passionate dancer promoting Indian dance forms. To her credit are performances in Canada and Dubai through various platforms.

‘Saang’, also known as ‘Swang’ or ‘Svang’, is a popular folk dance-theatre form in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. ‘Swang’ incorporates suitable theatrics and mimicry accompanied by song and dialogue. It is dialogue-oriented rather than movement.

‘Swang/Saang’ performance was active at the time of Kabir Sant and Guru Nanak.

‘Swaang’ is most appropriately named by the sister duo of their theatre troupe.

Swaang’s first presentation was to be held on the 8th January 2022 Saturday! And just two days before staging the play at Lok Virsa Islamabad they were intimated of immediate cancellation of the play due to some bureaucratic move....

However; Sanober and Kanwal are full of commitment and vigour to make good things happen in this muggy season, and not so much dry and high city anymore let loose their horses.

The play happened!

And bravo! It happened with a bang!

A family affair after the rain!

A weekend getaway, an escape much needed to be enjoyed with young and old, together and cosy. ‘Mein nay kuch nahin kia.’

The comic murder mystery theatre play which is written and directed by Safeer Ullah Khan who is a known respectable figure in the theatre fraternity. He for the past 15 years has been associated with drama and stage.

‘Maine Nay Kuch Nahi Kiya’ - is a drama consisting of 10 passionate cast members who have been associated with different theatre groups. It is a family theatre play highlighting the mysterious circumstances with a touch of comedy. The purpose of this play is to promote and inculcate the cultural and performing arts values within the society.

Few actors immediately caught the audience’s eye with their life-like interpretation of the characters awarded to them. ‘Chandio’ the police tout, ‘bulbul’ the police warden, ‘the delirious’ crazy enough to speak the truth! dramaturgical is an understatement to describe their debut.

Amateurs as most cast is, didn’t fail to leave their mark on the viewers. Though, there was one character of a female Media reporter played noticeably hammy, artificial and unnatural.

‘Mein nay Kuch nahin kia’ draws our attention to many stark truths of our society. Some truths, narrated through bold comic rendition and some sublimely, subtlety through facial expressions and gestures.

Love, infidelity and revenge! Making us smile, then laugh and like changing the lenses out of nowhere moisten our eyes with the insecurities that run thicker than blood and sometimes clog the veins of life!

On 8th and 9th of January at Lok Virsa media centre, Islamabad was Houseful.

Needless to say how people enjoyed going to the theatre craving for some family entertainment which actually came up to the standard of their sense of humour.

‘Dil lagaya tha dil lagi kay liye’....

A true Masala production if you know what I mean by SWAANG!

Go watch out for more entertainment by two sisters troupe.....worth your time and definitely better than spending on monotonous food outlets with different price ranges.

— Madiha Arsalan


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    Where Can i Watch this ?

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