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Pak juniors return today after poor show in India

December 07, 2021

KARACHI: Pakistan junior hockey team is reaching home on Tuesday (today) from India where they ended 11th in the 16-team World Cup.

Pakistan lost to Germany, Argentina and South Africa. Former Olympian Kamran Akmal, who has also worked with Pakistan junior team as its head coach, is of the view that the root cause of the poor show of the players in the World Cup is that there is no continuation in the process of the team management.

"When a team is passing through a development process, it faces defeats but it does not mean that abruptly the team management, coaches and head coaches should be changed," he said.

Kamran said that once a team management is appointed it should be given three or four years to develop the team with peace of mind without any pressure of replacement in case of early defeats. "Then can they be held responsible for poor results," he added.

He said that the team had the ability to beat Germany and Argentina if they were given a proper strategy. He said that various flaws were seen in the matches. "How will these players be groomed in near future when they are promoted to the senior outfit where they will have to play even tougher hockey?" he added.

Hockey experts said they were not expecting that Greenshirts would show any extraordinary game in the Junior Hockey World Cup but at the same time no one was expecting that they would be at the 11th position.

Pakistan juniors had not played against any foreign team for a long period and participated in the World Cup after a big gap of eight years. Many players were those who had been part of the senior team but their experience of playing with the seniors did not help the team, especially against strong teams like Germany and Argentina.