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ECP asked to take notice of govt’s electioneering

December 04, 2021
ECP asked to take notice of govt’s electioneering

HARIPUR: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) provincial president Amir Muqam has asked the ECP to implement the laws equally on every one instead of targeting PML-N and take action against the chief executive of the province and the ministers for announcing developmental projects in the districts while LG elections schedule has been announced. This he said while speaking to party workers and candidates for the upcoming LG elections at the residence of former provincial minister Qazi Asad Khan here on Friday. Muqam said that the ECP has issued notice to PMLN parliamentarian Murtaza Javed Abbasi but forgot Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, who had announced developmental schemes for Battagram and other areas while the ECP had already announced the schedule for LG polls.

“If the ECP really wants to ensure the holding of fair and transparent elections, it should take action against Mahmood Khan and the government machinery who are running the campaign for their party candidates,” he said. He said people would not vote for the symbol of “bat” this time as they have witnessed the price hike brought by the incumbent government.

Former provincial minister Qazi Muhammad Asad, former speaker provincial assembly Habib Ullah Tareen, former MPA Raja Faisal Zaman, former MNA Sardar Mushtaq, district president PMLN Sahibzada Hamid Shah were among those who spoke on the occasion.