Wednesday January 19, 2022

Call to preserve historical building

December 03, 2021

MANSEHRA: The courtroom building where Sultan Mahmood Khurd, the last Turk ruler of the Pakhli Sarkar, used to adjudicate cases of his emperor is

in a highly dilapidated condition and could collapse anytime as the funds meant for its preservation and beautification are diverted to anywhere else in the district.

“The court building adjacent to the shrine of the saint Diwan Raja Baba is in a highly dilapidated condition and could collapse if not preserved as early as possible,” Abdul Saboor Khan, a Baffa’s local social activist, said on Thursday.

The district administration had earmarked an amount of Rs6 million for the preservation and beautification of two ancient sites - the courtroom building in Gulibagh and Shivling temple in Gandhian in its annual development programme in 2019/2020.

“Unfortunately, the district development advisory committee diverted these for the beautification of a fort in the Shergarh area of the district,” he said.

The activist also running a social organisation said that the DDAC should not only bring back

those funds meant for its preservation but also enhance the amount so that the historic masterpiece could be preserved in a better way.

“If this historic architectural piece is preserved it might even attract tourists from within the country and abroad,” Khan said.

He added that Gulibagh had remained the capital of Pakhli Sarkar ruled by the last Turk ruler Sultan Mahmood Khurd who was killed in a battle and buried in Delhi, India.