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Inviting a convict as chief guest among judges a signal: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday when corruption is not considered as evil, who will work in the society. Unfortunately, thieves are not considered as evil in Pakistan.

By News Report
November 30, 2021

JHELUM: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday when corruption is not considered as evil, who will work in the society. Unfortunately, thieves are not considered as evil in Pakistan.

He expressed these views while addressing a ceremony at the Al-Qadir University. Speaking indirectly about the Asma Jahangir Conference where former prime minister Nawaz Sharif spoke, the prime minister lamented how the PMLN supremo was allowed to address the event. He said that inviting a convict as chief guest where judges of the superior judiciary are present was signal to all.

He said societies perished when they refused to condemn sins, adding that the former prime minister was speaking at a conference where judges of the Supreme Court were present. "This person had escaped abroad after lying," he said, taking a dig at Nawaz Sharif.

PM Imran Khan said if society continued to venerate and appreciate people who had indulged in corruption, other people would find no incentive in working hard. “Why would a common man study 14 years, work eight hours a day to earn for his wife and children when another person operates like a ‘qabza’ group?" he asked.

The prime minister was speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Al-Qadir University's academic blocks, where he spoke about the importance of breaking the shackles of slavery. He said that mental slavery is far more dangerous than physical one.

"Unfortunately, due to colonialism, Muslims suffered from mental slavery around the world," he said. The prime minister emphasised on speaking the truth and dispensing justice. "Speaking truth is a quality of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) before he was appointed a Messenger."

PM Imran Khan said he had always aimed at creating institutions in Pakistan that would implement Islam in its true spirit. He spoke about education at length, lamenting that there were no universities researching the lives of the Muslim leaders, warriors, scholars and reformers. "Islam and science work alongside each other," he said. "There is harmony between them. Read Al-Biruni and others, they had a strong connection to Allah," he added.

The prime minister spoke out against Western culture, saying that Pakistan's youth was confused about it in today's world. He said young Pakistanis studied the Western culture and were misled by it, saying that its progress lured many into copying it.

The premier urged universities to research on the disastrous effects that Western culture was having on family life, and spoke out against how pornographic material was widely available on smartphones these days. He said universities are important as they can help people make "informed choices" that will help people make smarter and better choices.

"Allah encourages Ijtihad in the Holy Quran," he said. "How will Ijtihad take place here if the person who differs in his point of view from you, is declared a kafir," he lamented. The prime minister said that the concept of leadership that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave to the Muslims will be imparted in Pakistani universities to the youth, adding, "We will start from our students."

Speaking about leadership, the premier said a selfish and cowardly person can never become a leader. He said it was important to educate students about these aspects as to when they become future leaders, they think about Pakistan's progress rather than appointing their friends to high places and committing corruption.