Saturday December 04, 2021

The ball’s in our court

October 26, 2021

This refers to the article ‘Veritable arms of imperialism’ (October 22) by Raoof Hasan. The tactics of imperialists to dominate the world are not new. Yet, overcoming these constraints, China has managed to rise to a level where it has become the big lender of the US, and a competing superpower, while Pakistan’s government merely manages to survive by borrowing from all possible sources. Even India, which is comparable to China in terms of population, has not done much better.

That is to say imperialists and dissidents don't bear the sole responsibility for our predicament. The real responsibility lies with the citizens who remain divided on religious and/or ethnic lines and elect leaders on these grounds instead of merit. With rare exceptions, the leaders of Pakistan have merely exacerbated and exploited these divisions and used their powers to enhance gains. Unfortunately, the present setup is not proving much different. Additionally, our present prime minister lacks experience. It seems that he is also unwilling to learn from his mistakes and merely wants to do whatever it takes to stay in power.

S R H Hashmi