Wednesday October 27, 2021

French players all praise for security measures in Pakistan

October 15, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Frenchman Auguste Dussourd and Frenchwoman Marie Stephan had all praise for the hospitality, security and friendly game environment in Pakistan and vowed to continue visiting the country for more international events to come.

In an exclusive talk to ‘The News’, they said that playing in Pakistan was a totally different experience.

“This is my first visit and I find Pakistan one of the finest places to travel. I wonder why some people and officials outside Pakistan talk about security concerns. It is safer than most of the countries in the world. We have been provided with the best of facilities i.e. boarding and lodging as well. The security and the playing facilities are exceptional. Courts are fresh and new. This sort of facility you need for big events. I am glad that I am here,” Stephan said.

The Frenchwoman was eager to win her first over $5,000 event ever. “I want to start winning big events here in Pakistan. I never have won any around $10,000 event and I believe I have a chance here. I hope to continue with the same vein that I have shown so far in the event.”

Dussourd, who looks favourite to win the men’s title Friday, also spoke highly about security measures.

“This is my third visit to Pakistan. I always find the country as one of the best places to play squash. Security here is absolutely perfect. Boarding and lodging facilities are excellent and so is the food here.”

Dussourd praised the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) and sponsors Serena Hotels for making their stay a memorable one.

“We have been provided with all the required facilities by the federation. Rarely do we get such facilities elsewhere. I am really obliged for the courtesy they have extended to me.”

The Frenchman, however, had complaints about refereeing.

“I had one complaint during my previous visits here. Refereeing was not up to the mark during the previous two occasions. This time around things have been much better and I am happy about that.”

When asked about the Professional Squash Association’s (PSA) indifference towards squash in Pakistan, he said the country needs to organise maximum international events.

“I love to travel to Pakistan and whenever I would get an opportunity, I would do that. The world sports bodies must realise the services Pakistan has rendered in the field of squash, respect and hospitality they extend to all visitors here.”