Tuesday October 26, 2021

How come PM’s decisions are personal, without merit, asks Sana

October 14, 2021
How come PM’s decisions are personal, without merit, asks Sana

KARACHI: PMLN leader Rana Sanaullah asked on Wednesday how come the decisions of a country’s prime minister are his personal ones and without merit.

Speaking in the Geo News programme ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath', he said there must be merit behind those decisions. People start gossiping and question the rationale behind such decisions when there is a lack of power and wisdom to take decisions.

He said Punjab was facing problems due to bad governance and the person they selected for Punjab was one whom they did not know but then how did they select them. He said that the same has been repeated again by appointing the premier of AJ&K whose name they did not know.

Talking about the decisions through magic spells, he said before this, another leader executed Bhutto on the basis of Istekhara.

In order to end this cycle, all need to sit together and evolve a consensus but Maryam Nawaz is 100 percent true in her statement that one person encroaches upon Constitutional office and then starts asking for his Constitutional rights but how could he be given his rights. He said in a similar manner, Imran Khan intruded upon the Constitutional office by mounting on a container and spoiling the country’s democratic norms.

He said one can see how the prime minister is destroying the country for the last four years. The prime minister has powers to take decisions but he is not completely independent as he has take decisions within some Constitutional limits. We hear such gossip from his party’s senior ministers and if such things will be discussed, people will obviously talk about them. He said this trend has begun and will not stop.

Speaking in the programme, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said the process of DG ISI's appointment will be completed soon. In a day or two, the whole situation will become clear. He said that it is the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and he has the authority. The summary will be placed before him and he will take the decision and it will be revealed to everyone.

He said the process stipulated in the Constitution and law has to be completed. This appointment process will soon be completed.

He said it was PMLN's old habit to cry foul, reminding how they ran personal campaigns against Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and used words which he could not repeat here. He said this was not the problem of Maryam Safdar alone, rather it reflected the mentality of her party's leadership. Why is Maryam Nawaz against saints. "If someone visits a mazar and respects saints, expresses his attachment to it, what is Maryam Nawaz's problem." He asked through what magic spell did Nawaz come to power without merit. He said the goof (bhola Nawaz) who was imposed upon us made the conditions in the country worse, asking what magic had his 17-year-old children who owned four flats in London at this young age.

He said Maryam Safdar is the PMLN’s vice president and rejects statements of her own party’s president Shehbaz Sharif. He asked her to first develop a rationale there and set right things in her own party. He said first you decide if your party has to be led by ‘Meem’, ‘Sheen’ or ‘Noon’ instead of talking about the prime minister. If you do not have any logical topic, you are not prepared to discuss the national issues and electoral reforms.

He said no one is ready to play a role in the assembly and that was why "you come to discuss such comical issues". He said both Nawaz or Maryam Safdar named the heads of institutions and maligned them indiscriminately.