Wednesday October 27, 2021

Talha boosts diet for World Championship

October 14, 2021

KARACHI: Pakistan’s promising weightlifter Talha Talib has entered a tough preparation phase and has boosted his diet-chart ahead of the World Championship which will be held in Tashkent from December 7-17 this year.

The weightlifter, who finished fifth in the Tokyo Olympics, has started taking a diet which costs him around Rs150,000 per month. “Two months before the event I focus more on my diet,” Talha told ‘The News’ in an interview on Wednesday.

“I eat mutton and beef but mutton is my favourite. I eat one and a half kilogramme mutton daily which costs me around Rs50,000 per month. Besides this I use dates, almonds, eggs, dry fruit and also use supplements of around Rs40,000 per month. These things are very important in the tough preparatory phase,” Talha revealed.

“You need a quality diet and it helps you prepare well for an event like the World Championship where the cream of the world will be featuring,” Talha said.

However, he was happy that now at least he can back himself following strong support from various cordons after his stunning feat in the Tokyo Olympics where he finished fifth in the 67 kilogramme competitions.

“Although meeting diet expenses is not easy sometimes but thanks God, now I am getting support and can easily spend on my diet,” Talha said.

“I train from 3am to 5am in the morning and then in the evening I practise from Asr prayer to Isha,” he said.

“After offering Tahajjud prayer I start training in a serene environment. There is no one at that time in the gym and I can solely focus on my training in the early morning,” Talha said. “You also pray for your success and this time is very important for me to train in,” sid Talha, who trains at a school near his home. He decided not to use the provincial government’s facility because of pollution.

Talha is upbeat ahead of the World Championship which he says is much tougher than the Olympics.